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lt’s a place where great people do great things. At Mitsubishi Fuso everyone - no matter where they work - is in contact with international colleagues and exposed to new perspectives. Combining Japanese tradition with the global power of Daimler, Mitsubishi Fuso provides an unparalleled experience in a world leading company.


We Think Big.

And we make big things happen. We understand that being globally recognized is important, but we also know, that such recognition can only be earned by hard work and absolute commitment to quality. At Mitsubishi Fuso, you are constantly exposed to new challenges - and opportunities - on a global scale. It is evident through our approach to challenges: our tasks are as diverse as our teams, products, and services. Join a dynamic company where everything is possible - because you make it happen.


The term “career ladder” is no accident: when you're standing on the first rung, the next is always within reach. And for this next step, there is CAReer.


This international, group-wide program is designed to develop our next generation of potential leaders and game changers. It all begins with an entry into one of many departments within FUSO.


You have a chance not only to learn about the company, its products and services, but also to become connected with professionals all over the world. To achieve that, you spend 15 to 18 months working in different teams and divisions of Daimler - worldwide. It's up to you to design the contents of your assignments, after which you return to FUSO, rich with new perspectives and with a wider network.








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