New feature Super Great heavy-duty truck series hits the road

Complies with Japanese noise and governor regulations.
New 4-bellow air spring suspension model & Japan’s
first all-axle air suspension semi-tractor join lineup.

April 22, 2003

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Company announces the release of the 2003 Super Great heavy-duty truck series, the first major upgrading in three years. Major improvements include compliance of all models with Japanese 2001 Noise Regulations and Governor Requirements. The new lineup also includes 4-bellow air spring suspension models and Japan’s first heavy-duty semi tractor featuring all-axle air suspension. The number of models offered with air suspension, INOMAT1 transmission and a short cab has been extended, while equipment specifications have been upgraded. The new series of straight trucks (4-bellow air spring suspension models excluded) goes on sale on 22 April, and the 4-bellow air spring suspension and tractor models go on sale on 15 May, at Mitsubishi Fuso dealerships throughout Japan.

1Intelligent & Innovative Mechanical Automatic Transmission

Major features of new 2003 Super Great series
  • Compliant with Japanese 2001 Automotive Noise Regulations and Governor Requirement.
  • New 4-bellow air spring suspension models and more air suspension models in lineup.
  • Tractor lineup joined by Japan’s first all-axle air suspension model.
  • More in-line 6-cylinder turbo powered dump truck models.
  • More INOMAT and short cab models in lineup.
Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great heavy-duty truck
New 4-bellow air spring suspension model
(special photo trim specification)

2003 Super Great series: New feature overview

1. Regulatory compliance

(1) Japanese 2001 automotive noise regulations
The new Super Great heavy-duty truck series now meets Japan’s 2001 automotive noise regulations as a result of improvements to noise-reduction covers and to the muffler design.

(2) Mandatory governor
All models in the new Super Great series are fitted as standard with a governor that limits maximum speed to 90 km/h. This mandatory measure is aimed at reducing accidents involving heavy-duty trucks, particularly the kind of serious accidents that occur on expressways. The governor also contributes to improved fuel efficiency and to longer service life for tires and brakes..

2. Better quality, better freight efficiencies, more economical

(1) New design air suspension / more air suspension models in lineup
New 4-bellow air spring suspension system
The Super Great FT 6x22F , FU 6x2R3 and FV 6x4R4straight trucks and the FP-R 4x25 tractor models all feature Mitsubishi Fuso’s new 4-bellow air spring suspension. Using large diameter stabilizer bars and ball joint-type V rods, this innovative suspension provides better roll stiffness, reduces cargo bed vibration, improves poor-surface drivability and facilitates loading and unloading of cargo.

2Six-wheel, three-axle straight truck with two front and one powered rear axle
3Six-wheel, three-axle straight truck with two rear axles of which one is powered
4Six-wheel, three-axle tractor with two powered rear axles
5Two-axle four-wheel tractor

  • Tractor model with all-axle air suspension
    Included in the 2003 Super Great series lineup is the first tractor model in Japan to use air spring suspension on all axles. The lineup also features more straight trucks using all-axle or rear-axle air suspension.

(2) More INOMAT models in lineup (with new features for dump trucks)
More models in the new Super Great lineup come with Mitsubishi’s INOMAT6 transmission. This innovative transmission, which improves fuel efficiency and helps reduce driver fatigue, is installed on Super Great FV dump and on FT and FU straight truck models for the first time. INOMAT is offered on many more models in the new series, air suspension models in particular. The new dump truck version features a switch that enables the driver to select his moving off gear of choice for improved performance when operating over muddy surfaces and for improved control when dumping loads of dirt and sand.

6Employs fuzzy logic circuitry, this smart mechanical automatic transmission makes for easier vehicle operation and reduces fuel consumption

(3) More in-line 6-cylinder turbo powered dump truck models
Complementing models using the V8 naturally aspirated power unit, the new Super Great series features more models powered by Mitsubishi’s 6M70T in-line 6-cylinder turbocharged engine. The 6M70T offers positive benefits in terms of fuel efficiency, emissions and weight and for the new series is tuned to deliver more torque at engine speeds below 1,000 rpm (before the turbocharger kicks in) to improve moving off and low-speed operating performance. This engine now also powers dump truck and mixer models on which transmission and final gear ratios have been optimized for improved moving off and hill climbing performance.

(4) More short cab models in lineup

The new Super Great series sees the addition of more short cab models to the lineup. By enabling a longer cargo bed, this feature increases freight efficiencies. Short cab models can also be fitted with a Super Multi-roof (modification to cab structure required) that features a hi-roof, bunk space and a drag-reducing spoiler7 .

7Fitted to roof to improves aerodynamic characteristics and reduce drag

3. Better safety

(1) Roof marker lamps
The new Super Great series employs marker lamps at the leading corners of the roof. These make the vehicle more visible at night as well as further distinguishing the front visage.

(2) ABS and ASR standard on more models
The new Super Great series includes more models fitted as standard with anti-lock braking that prevents wheels from locking and thereby enables the driver to retain directional control of his vehicle under emergency braking. Also standard on a wider range of models is Mitsubishi’s anti-spin regulator system (ASR) that reduces driving wheel slip on low-friction surfaces in bad weather or muddy operating conditions.

4. Other changes

(1) Accumulator-type air conditioning for bunk / rapid heating on more models
More Super Great models are now available with accumulator air conditioning for the cabin bunk that delivers refrigerated air for up to four hours after the engine is turned off and with a rapid heating system that delivers warm air for up to three hours after the engine is stopped (factory-fitted options). These features enhance the environmental performance of the new Super Great series by supporting the “No Idling” movement that urges drivers to turn off their engines during rest stops.

(2) Custom / Hi-roof now available as options
The custom and hi-roof variations previously offered in the lineup are now available as factory options, providing the owner or operator with a wider choice in terms of customizing and feature specifications.

5. Sales target

Mitsubishi Fuso expects to sell 12,000 of the new Super Great series models annually.

6. MRP for the Tokyo region (ex-tax)

Type Model Engine GVW
Main features Price
Type Horse-power
Straight truck KL-FU54JUZ 6M70 279kW (380PS) 25
  • 4-bellow air suspension
KL-FT50JVX 6M70 235kW (320PS) 20   JPY10,080,000
KL-FV50MJXD 6M21 272kW (370PS) 20   JPY11,865,000
Tractor KL-FP55JDR 6M70 302kW (410PS) 10
(Load on 5th wheel)
  • All-axle air suspension