Mitsubishi Fuso Introduces 8-Ton “Fighter” Truck Model for Japan

August 26, 2010

•  Incorporating BlueTec® Emissions Reduction System for Clean Performance
•  Meeting Stringent Japan’s JP09 Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations
•  New Engine Rating: 162 kW (220 PS) / 2200 rpm
•  Enhanced 6-Speed INOMAT-II Mechanical Automatic Transmission Delivers Excellent Drivability
•  Available from Friday, August 26 at Japan Dealerships

KawasakiMitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, is starting sales of a new, 8-ton Fighter medium-duty truck model for Japan. Available [1] from Friday, August 26 at all Mitsubishi Fuso Japan dealers and regional sales centers, the new 8-ton medium-duty truck delivers high efficiency, excellent drivability and clean environmental performance.

The new Fighter incorporates MFTBC’s 6M60 engine (in-line six cylinder, 7.5-liter) with a new 162 kW (220 PS) / 2200 rpm rating. Due to the enhanced combustion efficiency of the Fighter’s engine unit and the environmentally-friendly BlueTec® emissions reduction system [2], the new Fighter achieves significant reductions of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide. CO2 emissions are also reduced due to improved fuel economy.

The 8-ton gross vehicle weight vehicle meets Japan’s JP09 Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations that will be implemented from October 2010 and Japan’s 2015 fuel efficiency standard for heavy-duty vehicles.

In addition to the improved environmental performance, the truck’s drivability is also enhanced thanks to enhancements the 6-speed INOMAT-II mechanical automatic transmission which has been adopted for former models. The transmission’s gear-change time is shortened and gear-change shock is significantly alleviated, leading to smooth driving and enhanced comfort.

Main Characteristics of the New 8-ton “Fighter” model

•  Incorporating the BlueTec® emissions reduction system (with diesel particulate filter and urea selective catalytic reduction) to deliver cleaner emissions and increased fuel efficiency.
•  Compliance with Japan’s JP09 Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations.
•  New specification 162 kW (220 PS) in-line six engine; expanding the engine line-up.
•  Improving 6-speed INOMAT-II mechanical automatic transmission to enhance drivability.
•  Meeting Japan’s 2015 fuel efficiency standard for heavy-duty vehicles, applicable to Japan’s Eco-car tax break system.

Medium-Duty Truck Fighter

Product Details

1. BlueTec® Technology for Environmental Performance and Fuel Economy

The new Fighter model incorporates the BlueTec® technology which is used in MFTBC’s other vehicles to meet Japan’s JP09 Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations and enhance fuel efficiency and overall vehicle economy.

BlueTec® System (DPF and Urea SCR)

To preserve the global environment, MFTBC has adopted BlueTec® system (DPF and urea SCR) to overcome the traditional fuel economy penalty associated with NOx and PM reduction, and to achieve both fuel efficiency and emissions reductions.

The system collects PM to be burnt for elimination through ‘regeneration DPF’ combining an oxidation catalyst and a silicone carbide (SiC) ceramic filter. The BlueTec® urea SCR system - comprised of SCR catalytic muffler and a urea water dozing system - decomposes the remaining NOx into harmless nitrogen and water through the chemical reaction of the ammonia which is generated from the urea water.

With this BlueTec® system, the engine unit focuses on achieving high combustion efficiency, realizing both CO2 reduction due to fuel economy improvement and at the same time PM and NOx reductions.

2. New 162 kW (220 PS) / 2200 rpm rating for MFTBC 6M60 engine; engine performance enhanced further.

Engine Lineup Expanded

The 162 kW (220 PS) / 2200 rpm rating is newly added to the 6M60 in-line six cylinder, intercooler turbo, 7.5-liter engine line-up. Higher and flat torque in the normal use revolution range has achieved power train performance same as the former 177 kW (240 PS) model or above.

The engine enables comfortable driving in urban areas with repeated starts and stops, highways, and slopes. With increased torque at low speed, fine control of acceleration at low speeds is possible, which contributes to lower fuel consumption.

Variable Geometry (VG) Turbo Charger

To achieve excellent fuel efficiency and optimized driving in road conditions with repeated stops and starts, a water-cooled variable geometry (VG) turbo charger is adopted. As the VG turbo charger can have a high supercharging effect even at low-revolution range, it contributes to start-up performance and fuel efficiency improvements.

Engine’s Fuel Injection System - Intensified Pressure Common Rail System

The common rail fuel injection system has higher injection pressure, reducing PM generation significantly, resulting in cleaner exhaust emissions and improved fuel economy.

Combustion Chamber Shape Improved

The shape of combustion chamber has been improved to reduce PM generation and improve fuel efficiency.

6M60 Engine Specifications

Engine model 6M60 (T3)
Regulations for compliance Japan’s JP09 New Long-Term Emission Regulations
Cylinder In-line six
Air intake method Intercooler turbo
Max output [kW(PS)/rpm] 162 (220) / 2,200
Max torque [N・m(kgf・m)/rpm] 745 (76) / 1,400-2,000
Bore x stroke (mm) 118 x 115
Total displacement (L) 7.5

6M60 Medium-Duty Engine

3. Improved 6-speed INOMAT-II mechanical automatic transmission to enhance comfort and operability.

Alleviate Gear-Change Shock

The 6-speed INOMAT-II has been improved to reduce gear-change time and alleviate gear-change shock, which leads to smooth driving and enhance comfort.

“SNOW“ Mode Newly Installed

A SNOW mode is added, making it possible to drive at very slow speed with fine control of acceleration, even on snowy roads or muddy/slushy roads.

4. Regulatory Qualifications

Compliance with Japan’s JP09 Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations

The 6M60 engine, designed and manufactured by MFTBC, is improved to achieve higher combustion efficiency and significant reductions of NOx and PM due to the BlueTec® system. The new Fighter complies with the world’s most stringent emission qualification, Japan’s JP09 Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations, which requires a 65% reduction in NOx and 63% reduction in PM over the JP05 emission regulations.

Japan Fuel Efficiency Standard and Eco-car Tax Qualification

The new Fighter model achieves Japan’s 2015 fuel efficiency standard for heavy-duty vehicles. This expands the range of vehicles applicable to Japan’s Eco-car Tax incentives in which the vehicle weight tax and acquisition tax are cut 75% for qualifying vehicles.

Low Emission Vehicle Designation

The 8-ton Fighter version has obtained the certificate of ‘Excellent’ Low Emission Vehicle designated by nine prefectures and cities in Japan. [1]

1. Some models excluded.
2. BlueTec® is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.


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