Light Duty G.V.W 3,500-8,000kg
Medium Duty G.V.W 8,500-15,100kg
Heavy Duty G.V.W 15,100kg-
Cargo Dump Aluminum Van Insulated and Refrigerated Van Truck Tractors
Light Duty
Medium Duty
Heavy Duty
Industrial Engine
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Experience a New World of Touring Pleasure

The Mitsubishi MS Bus was developed to bring maximum comfort and safety to everyone aboard.
Mitsubishi Motors develops a wide range of vehicles for every transport need, all common heirs to the philosophy of “technology to guarantee safe and comfortable transport for all.” This, and Mitsubishi's leading-edge technological strength, ensure the utmost in passenger comfort and ease of operation, and most importantly, assured safety and reliability. The new heights achieved are clear at single glance -- beautiful curves grace the silhouette, while excellent aerodynamics make simultaneously for an unprecedentedly attractive exterior design, today the very symbol for top performance in large touring buses.


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