Powerful Pull Drives Success

Relax and Enjoy Superior Driving Comfort

Luxurious cabin

Spacious, air-conditioned, designed in every detail to improve driver productivity. Plenty of room for big, comfortable seats and lots of handy storage space as well. Cruise control standard.

Built Strong to Power Your Business

Dynamic engine

ECU-controlled fuel injection delivers unmatched fuel efficiency. 2-bar boost pressure turbocharger for additional power. 28 CuM air cleaner with cyclone type pre-cleaner ensures longer life.

Durable gearbox

Twin 400 mm discs increase clutch life. 330 Nm peak torque ensures outstanding performance on grades. Higher 152 mm distance between main and counter shafts increases maneuverability when carrying heavy loads.

Robust axles

Ready for the roughest roads. Thick teeth on the heavy-duty crown wheel increases contact area, while the differential increases torque. The air brake chamber is positioned high to increase clearance.

Muscular chassis

Powder coated and shot blasted to enhance corrosion resistance. Optimized cross members with long, thick bulges improve load-bearing and bending capability while further increasing durability.

Extraordinary suspension

192 mm stack-height suspension has wider, thicker, longer leaves for increased durability and riding comfort. Pin-type swelling arm and multi-leaf design ensure easy serviceability.

Smoother drives

Combining a steering mounted paddle gear shift with power-shift transmission makes driving easy and stress-free under all road and traffic conditions.