Mitsubishi Fuso Introduces New Canter Light-Duty Truck in New Zealand
While Achieving Number One Market Share in 2010

July 8, 2011

•  Ongoing International Market Roll-out of Advanced, Efficient Vehicle
•  First Commercial Truck in New Zealand to Incorporate Dual-Clutch Transmission
•  Combination of BlueTec® Emissions Reduction System with Fuel Efficient Engines Contributing to Lower Total Cost of Ownership
•  Mitsubishi Fuso the Number-One New Zealand Commercial Vehicles Manufacturer in 2010

Kawasaki, Japan / Auckland, New Zealand - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading truck manufacturers, has introduced its new, “Canter” light-duty truck in New Zealand. This marks the third international introduction of the revolutionary new vehicle, following its debut in North America and Australia in 2011.

The new Canter is being introduced to dealers, customers and members of the media at key test drive events in Auckland, New Zealand, July 8-9.

“With the launch of the new generation Canter, we bring one of the world’s most advanced, efficient and powerful light-duty trucks to our valued New Zealand customers,” said
Mr. Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss, MFTBC Vice President of Sales & Service International. “Our experience and feedback from our markets only makes us confident of our success in New Zealand, where we achieved leading market share in 2010. With our all-new Canter light-duty truck now available in the market, we strongly believe our portfolio offers expanded possibilities and an even more competitive total packaging.”

New Canter: Various “Firsts” for Fuso and the New Zealand Market

The new Canter introduced today is the eighth generation of the renowned light-duty truck and the first new generation for the New Zealand market since November 2005.

It brings various “firsts” for Fuso and the New Zealand market. These include the first commercial truck in the world and New Zealand to incorporate a dual-clutch transmission, DUONIC® (6-speed automated dual clutch-type manual transmission); and the company’s first use of the BlueTec® emissions reduction system in the market. The advanced BlueTec® emissions reduction system is incorporated on selected new Canter light-duty truck models with high engine outputs (129 kW).

Leading features of the new generation Canter include:

•  New 3-liter “4P10” diesel engine with low fuel consumption.
•  DUONIC® dual-clutch transmission, the first ever use of an automated dual clutch-type manual transmission in a commercial truck in the world.
•  Renewed interior and exterior design, recognized with the Good Design Award 2010 by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO).
•  Vehicle weight reduction up to 150 kg through design optimization mainly on chassis, delivering higher payload.
•  BlueTec® emissions reduction system combining a urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and regeneration-control diesel particulate filter (DPF); the first use of this system in the company’s New Zealand trucks.
•  Achieving EEV (voluntary European emissions standard, more stringent than Euro 5)
•  Narrow “city” cab also available in 4,500 kg cab chassis.

Overall, the new truck is designed to achieve lowest total cost of ownership through its new integrated powertrain, enhanced product durability, higher payload capacity and extended maintenance interval.

Mitsubishi Fuso in the New Zealand Market

Mitsubishi Fuso was the number one commercial vehicles brand in New Zealand in 2010, achieving leading market share with sales of about 390 trucks and buses (retail). Through the past five years 2006-2010, the company has sold 3,140 Fuso trucks and buses (retail). Adding on to the success of its strong brand development in the market, MFTBC intends to further boost its sales in the company’s key New Zealand market with its new Canter light-duty truck.

The new Canter will be distributed through a dedicated Fuso sales organization headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, with a national network of 12 authorized dealers.

More International Launches to Come

Following today’s market introduction, MFTBC plans to further roll out the new generation Canter in key international markets by the end of 2011. It will be introduced in more than 40 new markets by the end of 2012.

New Canter Light-Duty Truck


Based in Kawasaki, Japan, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is one of Asia's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. In 2010, the company sold a total of about 140,700 vehicles including light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. Daimler AG owns 89.29% of MFTBC shares and various Mitsubishi group companies own 10.71% of MFTBC shares. MFTBC is an integral part of the Daimler Trucks Division of Daimler AG.