Mitsubishi Fuso Launches New Rosa Light Bus in Japan,
World’s First To Incorporate DUONIC® Dual-Clutch Transmission

August 24, 2011

•  Optimized for Excellent Fuel Economy Achieving 5% Over Required Levels of Japan 2015 Fuel Efficiency Standard
•  Meeting JP09 Emission Regulations (Japan Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations)
•  Available from August 10 at Japan Dealer Locations

Kawasaki - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today launched its new Rosa bus. The well known light bus now incorporates a series of advanced technologies. These include the world’s first light bus with dual-clutch transmission “DUONIC®” and the newly developed three-liter “4P10” diesel engine. It is also the first light bus in Japan to incorporate the BlueTec® emissions reduction system comprising a combination of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and a regeneration-control diesel particulate filter (DPF).

The Rosa is a renowned familiar face in more than 40 markets around the globe. Following today’s debut in Japan, the Rosa light bus is planned for introduction in the international markets starting later this year.

"We are proud to present our all-new Rosa light bus incorporating one of the most advanced technologies in the world," said Mr. Akio Suehiro, MFTBC Vice President of Sales & Service Domestic. "We believe the vehicle delivers highest environmental performance and excellent fuel efficiency while offering great driving pleasure and comfort for the passengers. Mitsubishi Fuso is strongly committed to investing in advanced green technologies and to offering high quality products and services for our customers."

Key Achievements of New Rosa

Key achievements of the new Rosa include its incorporation of the advanced DUONIC® transmission; its low emissions; high fuel economy with an average of more than 10% improvement in fuel economy over the previous model; and its safety enhancements.

DUONIC® is a 6-speed automated dual clutch-type manual transmission developed by MFTBC. Key features of the DUONIC® include smooth, seamless shifting without shock and torque interruption. Combined with the easy 2-pedal driving, this feature will release drivers from stress and let them fully focus on driving.

Through the BlueTec® emissions reduction system, nitrous oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions are significantly reduced. All of the Rosa bus series meets JP09 emission regulations (Japan Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations). The new Rosa is the first light bus to fulfill Japan’s 2015 fuel efficiency standard for heavy-duty vehicles (hereinafter “FES2015”), and also over-fulfills it in the 5% range, achieving its class-topping low fuel consumption.

In addition, the vehicle meets the required emissions and fuel efficiency terms in receiving 75% tax break in both vehicle weight tax and vehicle acquisition tax under the Eco-Car Tax Break.

Furthermore, to satisfy ECE Regulation for passenger protection*1 to take effect in July 2012, all passengers seats are equipped with three-point seatbelts with ELR*2 as standard, providing top-level safety performance for light buses.

*1: ECE Regulation: international standard defined by Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
*2: ELR: Emergency Locking Retractor

New Rosa light buses are available at all Mitsubishi Fuso Japan dealers and regional sales centers from August 10.

Main Characteristics of the “Rosa” light bus

•  First light bus in the world to incorporate a dual-clutch transmission, DUONIC®.
•  Equipped with newly developed “4P10” diesel engine with excellent fuel efficiency.
•  First light bus in Japan to install the BlueTec® emissions reduction system (combining SCR and regeneration-control DPF).
•  First light bus in the industry to over-fulfill FES2015.
•  All of the series meets Japan Post New Long-Term Emission Regulations.
•  Equipped with three-point seatbelt with ELR as standard, with safety performance enhanced.

Rosa Light Bus

About the Rosa Light Bus

The Rosa light bus marked its 50th year anniversary in 2010. Dating back to September 1960, the first Rosa light bus was produced at the then Nagoya Automobile Works Oye Plant. At the time, the demand for light buses for private use was rising as a means of passenger transportation. The first Rosa “B10” Model (with 21-passenger capacity) was launched in December of that year.

The Rosa B10 Model was recognized for its unique rounded styling and brought several firsts to the market. It incorporated Japan’s first rivet-less body, meaning that its structure was welded without using rivets, as opposed to a process using rivets to join the sheet metals. The rivet-less approach made the bus lighter and its appearance smoother. The B10 also featured first hydromaster (vacuum power doubling device) for a light bus. Moreover, it earned a positive reputation through its enhanced braking safety, 7.8 km/l fuel economy and great mobility to turn in a small radius.

The now famous light bus today is used in various applications including school buses, special welfare vehicles and camping cars. It is available in Japan and also exported to more than 40 markets worldwide.


Based in Kawasaki, Japan, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is one of Asia's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. In 2010, the company sold a total of about 140,700 vehicles including light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. Daimler AG owns 89.29% of MFTBC shares and various Mitsubishi group companies own 10.71% of MFTBC shares. MFTBC is an integral part of the Daimler Trucks Division of Daimler AG.