Fuso Brings 4x4 Model New Canter Light-Duty Truck
To Europe for the First Time

February 23, 2012

•  Arrival of 4x4 Model for the European Market, First Time in History
•  More Choice, More Potential for Customers
•  Production Start in February 2012
•  Continuing Product Offensive in International Markets

Kawasaki - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today announced plans to introduce its plans to introduce a Canter light-duty truck 4x4 model for the European market for the first time in history. The new Canter, launched back in October 2011 for the market, will now bring even more potential to customers in the market. Production at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Europe Sociedade Europeia de Automoveis, S.A., Tramagal, Portugal, will start in end of February 2012.

The traditional strengths of the Canter remain unchanged: leading fuel efficiency, good maneuverability and space-saving cab-over-engine. Now Fuso is bringing additional dimension – payload capacity - on top of its overall cost-effectiveness.

The Canter 4x4 model in question is the 6C18 with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 6.5 tons, a 2-meter width Comfort cab and an output of 129 kW (175 hp). The chassis load capacity ranges from 3,500 kg to 3,735 kg. The all-wheel drive can be engaged and disengaged on the move and therefore offers good fuel efficiency which in turn gives Fuso customers an overall benefit in total cost of ownership.

The off-road capability of the Fuso Canter 4x4 makes it the ideal choice for all applications where operation away from surfaced roads is also required, such as, on construction sites, in the energy supply sector, in service with the fire brigade, and or with municipal authorities.

The Fuso Canter, the international bestseller from Daimler Trucks, has built its reputation over the years. "This 4x4 model of our global Canter range adds a new weight class to the European 4x4 market,” says Mr. Kai-Uwe Seidenfuss, MFTBC Vice President of Sales & Service International. “We see excellent potential and great marketability for this model, a deliverable based on the Japanese Canter model – the champion in fuel efficiency in its class." Developed in Japan and built for the European market in Tramagal, Portugal, the vehicle is from there delivered to more than 30 countries.

Continuing Product Offensive in 2012, Entering New Segments and Markets

Fuso’s positive sales result in 2011 was strongly supported by a product offensive led by a series of international roll-outs of the new Canter light-duty truck in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. It will roll out in more than 40 markets by the end of 2012. The company introduced more than 20 new products or product changes in 2011, and this dynamic will continue in 2012. Fuso plans to introduce more than 30 new products, including product changes, new segments and new market entries in 2012. A highlight will be the launch of the all-new Canter Eco Hybrid light-duty truck, planned for launch in spring 2012, followed by international roll-outs. Fuso is active in more than 150 markets worldwide.

New Canter 4x4 Model


Based in Kawasaki, Japan, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is one of Asia's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. In 2011, the company sold a total of about 147,700 vehicles including light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. Daimler AG owns 89.29% of MFTBC shares and various Mitsubishi group companies own 10.71% of MFTBC shares. MFTBC is an integral part of the Daimler Trucks Division of Daimler AG.