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Fuso’s World’s First Innovation
“DUONIC® Dual-Clutch Transmission with Hybrid Motor”
Wins 2013 RJC Car of the Year Special Award

November 14, 2012
•  First in History for Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer to Win One of RJC Car of the Year Awards
•  “DUONIC® Dual-Clutch Transmission with Hybrid Motor” Incorporated on Latest Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid Light-Duty Truck
•  Proof of Fuso’s Leadership in Advanced Technology and Company’s Commitment to FUSO 2015 “Leader in Green Innovation”
Kawasaki - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today announced its world’s first innovation “DUONIC® dual-clutch transmission with hybrid motor” has received the RJC Car of the Year 2013 Special Award. Presented by the Automotive Researchers' & Journalists' Conference of Japan, an NPO (nonprofit organization) (RJC) (Chairman: Mr. Hiroshi Hukunaga), the award represents a first-in history achievement for any commercial vehicle manufacturer.
The innovative technology was highly evaluated for the following reasons:
•  A world’s first innovation, a dual-clutch transmission incorporating a hybrid motor.
•  In combination with its compact, high performance laminate-type lithium (Li)-ion battery, the system significantly contributes to overall vehicle performance, lower fuel consumption, and lower emissions.
•  Smooth and seamless gear change without shock or torque interruption achieved by its 6-speed automated transmission.
“We are honored to have received this prestigious Award,” commented Dr. Albert Kirchmann, MFTBC President & CEO and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia. “It is a huge milestone achieved as Fuso and of great honor for Daimler Trucks group. The award-winner is a world’s first innovation by Fuso and is a proof of the company’s commitment to become the ‘Leader in Green Innovation’ under our 5-pillar growth strategy. We believe this is also a sign of great expectations from the society to become even greener as a commercial vehicle industry as a whole.”
“This technology combined with our fuel-efficient 3-liter diesel engine is the heart of our innovative Canter Eco Hybrid light-duty truck,” said Mr. Gustav Tuschen, MFTBC Senior Vice President and Head of Product Engineering. “With this, our Canter Eco Hybrid boasts a best-in-class fuel efficiency and clean emissions, which overall brings significant benefit to our customers in terms of total cost of ownership.”
Mr. Genichiro Ishii, MFTBC Director and Head of Global Hybrid Center, said, “I believe today’s milestone is a proof of our ongoing efforts at the Global Hybrid Center and its competence to lead the industry in advanced green technology. Daimler Trucks Global Hybrid Center takes global environmental concerns very seriously and will aspire for further development in advanced green technologies.”
Main Characteristics of the DUONIC® Dual-Clutch Transmission with Hybrid Technology
•  World’s first dual-clutch transmission, DUONIC®, with built-in hybrid motor
•  Smooth and seamless gear change without shock or torque interruption
•  Newly introduced high-output, high-revolution motor, generating optimum torque and recuperation forces at every gear/speed
•  High power motor with a maximum output of 40 kW (200 Nm)
•  Technology supporting the overall truck to achieve even more CO2 reduction and fuel efficiency
The “dual-clutch transmission with a built-in hybrid motor,” a world’s first technology in the commercial vehicles sector, combines a proven Fuso DUONIC® 6-speed, dual-clutch automated transmission featuring maximum transmission efficiency with a built-in hybrid motor.
The “DUONIC® dual-clutch transmission with hybrid motor” incorporated on the company’s world’s most fuel efficient “Canter Eco Hybrid” light-duty truck went on sales in Japan in May 2012. Delivering a best-in-class fuel efficiency of 12.8 km/liter, the production of the innovative hybrid truck started at the company’s facility located in Tramagal, Portugal, with sales start in the major western European markets in the third quarter of 2012, with other countries to follow in succession.
2013 RJC Car of the Year Special Award-Winner “DUONIC® Dual-Clutch Transmission with Hybrid Motor”
2013 RJC Car of the Year Special Award-Winner “DUONIC® Dual-Clutch Transmission with Hybrid Motor”
New Canter Eco Hybrid Light-Duty Truck
New Canter Eco Hybrid Light-Duty Truck
FUSO 2015 “Leader in Green Innovation”
Today’s achievement represents a key milestone in achieving “FUSO 2015,” the company’s five-pillar growth strategy for the future introduced in October 2011. One of the five pillars is “Leader in Green Innovation,” meaning the company focuses on advances in Green Products, Green Factory and Infrastructure and Green Supply Chain to achieve an aggregate CO2 reduction of 7.5% by 2015.
The company plans to further enhance its fuel efficiency leadership position in conventionally-powered diesel vehicles, while pushing forward with advanced technologies like hybrid-electric and all-electric vehicles.
The 5 pillars under FUSO 2015, the company’s holistic improvement program aimed to increase operational excellence in all aspects, are: ‘Leader in Green Innovation,’ ‘Profitable Global Player,’ ‘Efficiency Leader,’ ‘Customer Number One in Japan,’ and ‘Employer Number One.’ Through FUSO 2015, the company aims for significant increase in global sales, including an overall target to double international sales volume to over 200,000 units annually.

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Based in Kawasaki, Japan, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is one of Asia's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. In 2011, the company sold a total of about 147,700 vehicles including light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. Daimler AG owns 89.29% of MFTBC shares and various Mitsubishi group companies own 10.71% of MFTBC shares. MFTBC is an integral part of the Daimler Trucks Division of Daimler AG.

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