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FUSO Unveils All-Electric “Zero Emission” Canter E-CELL Light-Duty Truck

June 27 2013
•  Second generation all-electric Canter light-duty truck
•  Verification testing by Central Nippon Expressway Company Ltd. to start in autumn 2013
•  “FUSO 2015 ‘Leader in Green Innovation’” moving ahead in 2013
Kawasaki, Japan - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today unveiled its second generation “Zero Emission” Canter E-CELL all-electric truck to be operated at Central Nippon Expressway Company Ltd. (NEXCO Central).
The second generation innovative all-electric truck, based on the latest conventional diesel Canter light-duty truck model, has made significant progress over its predecessor model premiered in 2010 and will go through final vehicle testing at MFTBC’s Kitsuregawa Proving Ground before its delivery to NEXCO Central in autumn when it will start its verification testing to prove its “CHAdeMo” type fast charging and wireless magnetic resonance supply systems.
Mr. Gustav Tuschen, MFTBC Senior Vice President of Product Engineering said: “FUSO has committed itself to developing low-emission products, be it the diesels, hybrids, or the all-electric drives, for our customers, the society, and our planet. Today’s announcement marks an important milestone for FUSO’s advanced engineering. We strongly believe the start of testing, especially of the wireless magnetic resonance supply system incorporated on the Canter E-CELL, will be of great value in terms of proving the future direction of electric vehicles.”
Making its world premiere at the 63rd IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) for commercial vehicles in 2010 in Hanover, Germany, the Canter E-CELL made its Japan premiere at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. This all-electric light-duty truck has zero CO2 emissions while driving. The battery-electric driven Canter E-CELL truck works towards achieving emissions-free mobility in densely populated areas and environmentally-sensitive areas.
Specifications of the Canter E-CELL for NEXCO Central
The Canter E-CELL to be supplied to NEXCO Central is based on the latest Canter truck with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 4.6 tons. Key components include lithium-ion batteries (72 kWh / 350 V) and an electric motor (output of 96 kW, maximum torque of 650 Nm). The vehicle can travel more than 100 km with a 100-minute fast charge (50 kW) or 12-hour normal charge (200 V).
Vehicle Comparison
  Canter E-CELL Canter
Length 6,635 mm 5,985 mm
Width 1,930 mm 1,930 mm
Height 2,900 mm 2,160 mm
Vehicle weight 4,300 kg 2,460 kg
Maximum payload 500 kg 2,000 kg
Seating capacity 3 3
Gross vehicle weight 4,965 kg 4,625 kg
Vehicle Components
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Maximum output 96 kW
Maximum torque 650 Nm
Lithium-Ion Battery
Capacity 70 kWh
Voltage 350 V
“Zero Emission” Canter E-CELL light-duty truck
“Zero Emission” Canter E-CELL light-duty truck
FUSO 2015 "Leader in Green Innovation"
With its growth strategy FUSO 2015, MFTBC has embarked on a clear company initiative aimed at increasing operational excellence in all aspects. It is based on 5 strategic pillars, including 'Leader in Green Innovation,' 'Profitable Global Player,' 'Efficiency Leader,' 'Customer Number One in Japan,' and 'Employer Number One.'
Under "Leader in Green Innovation," the company focuses on advances in Green Products, Green Factory and Infrastructure and Green Supply Chain to achieve an aggregate CO2 reduction of 7.5% by 2015. The company plans to further enhance its fuel efficiency leadership position in conventionally-powered diesel vehicles, while pushing forward with advanced technologies like hybrid-electric and all-electric vehicles.
FUSO 2015 is a holistic improvement program, encompassing all parts of the business. It addresses major drivers to grow the business in all aspects, building on the cost and efficiency gains of its realignment program.

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