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FUSO Reaches 5,000th Unit Production Milestone in Russia

October 8, 2013
•  5,000th Canter light-duty truck rolls out from FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus
•  Adding on to the global success story of the renowned Canter
•  Canter celebrating its 50th birthday in 2013
Kawasaki, Japan - Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, today announced that its joint venture in Russia, FUSO KAMAZ Trucks Rus (FKTR), has manufactured and rolled out the 5,000th Canter light-duty truck for the Russian market.
FKTR was established in September 2009 as a joint venture of Daimler AG and KAMAZ, the biggest Russian company in the industry and started assembly of its Canter light-duty truck at its Naberezhnye Chelny plant in Tatarstan, Russia. Knocked-down kits for assembly at FKTR are shipped from its mother production hub in Kawasaki, Japan. Since its 1,000th production milestone in May 2011, FKTR has now reached the 5,000th mark on October 7.
The Canter is sold through a network of more than 50 sales outlets covering the entire market with sales rapidly growing in the past years (2010: 142 units, 2011: 1,088 units, 2012: 2,070 units).
Mr. Masashi Kogame, MFTBC Senior Vice President and Head of Operations Trucks & Buses, said:
“We are pleased to see that the Canter has favorably made its 5,000th production milestone together with our partner FKTR in Russia. This achievement only shows the enthusiasm and customer acceptance of our customers in Russia. We are committed to further delivering high-quality, robust FUSO trucks.”
Mr. Albert Yagudin, FKTR President & CEO, said:
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for together achieving this great milestone. Only after three years since the first Canter rolled out from our factory, the Canter has built on its globally renowned reputation to become one of the leading products in the light-duty truck segment (GVW 6-8 tons) in Russia. Now taking our steps into the coming years, we are committed to delivering high-quality trucks and services to meet our customers’ expectations.”
From left: Mr. Yutaka Yamada, MFTBC Market Manager Russia, celebrating success with Mr. Albert Yagudin, FKTR President & CEO
From left: Mr. Yutaka Yamada, MFTBC Market Manager Russia,
celebrating success with Mr. Albert Yagudin, FKTR President & CEO
About Fuso Kamaz Trucks Rus
Shareholder Daimler AG(50%), KAMAZ (50%)
Headquarters Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation
Plant Naberezhnye Chelny (Production Site: 12,000 square meters)
President & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Albert Yagudin
Chief Financial Officer Mr. Thomas Unger
Senior Vice President of Production Mr. Shinichi Kawamoto

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