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Genuine Services

Genuine Services

Our highly skilled and specially trained technicians in our extensive network of service centers spread across more than 160 countries are ready to address all your service needs with the highest grade of quality and reliability. We continuously look to improve ourselves to offer you the best value for your money.

At FUSO, we are consistently focused on providing our best service to fulfill our customer’s satisfaction.

To accomplish this goal, we continuously train our mechanics team as well as our service and parts sales team throughout the year. As part of our special training, a “Service Contest” is held every year to improve the skills of our service teams. In this context the “Customer Service Contest 2018” took place with participants from the FUSO technician team and service and parts sales team – all in one to fulfill our customer’s satisfaction level at the highest.

Please take a look at the video below to see the highest efforts made by all the attendants at the Customer Service Contest 2018.From October 16th to 17th, Daimler Trucks Asia Customer Services Contest 2018 was held in Kitsuregawa Proving Ground in Tochigi, Japan. The best of the best from all over Japan came together and competed with each other in 3 divisions, Service, Parts Sales, and New Vehicle Sales.

In the Service division, the Kanagawa Fuso team took home the victory flag, the representative of SC Minamikanto/ Koshin was awarded 1st place in Parts Sales, and the representative of Taiheikogyo took home the trophy in the New Vehicle Sales division.