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    • New Super Great

      Heavy Duty

      The Future of Heavy-Duty Transportation Starts Now

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    • New Super Great

      Heavy Duty

      The Future of Heavy-Duty Transportation Starts Now

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    • New Super Great

      Heavy Duty

      The Future of Heavy-Duty Transportation Starts Now

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  • Overview

*Photo shows special edition model. Chassis model: FS84VVZ1TC (Super High Roof, Executive Package), Color: Bordeaux Red M (PABCO special paint color), Body: EXEO WING Pro Edition by PABCO (side skirts opt., special decal decoration), and aluminum wheels. Super High Roof may not  be available on certain model.


A New Evolution for Transport and Society

Japan has announced its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To help contribute to this demand, Mitsubishi Fuso is implementing a number of advanced CO2 reduction measures. Such advanced technology can be found in the new Super Great, with its high-performance, fuel-efficient*1 12.8L engine. The new design, including improved aerodynamics and the adoption of a super high roof, has resulted in a truck that is friendly to the global environment and achieves new fuel economy standards based on the JH25 mode. Additionally, following the installation of Japan’s first*2 Level 2 advanced driver assistance function, we are conducting research and development based in Europe, the United States, and Japan in order to realize fully-automated driving. By utilizing these technologies, we continue to further improve the reliability of preventive safety systems. As the flagship model from Mitsubishi Fuso, the new Super Great remains at the forefront of industry standards and technology. The future of the transportation business begins here.

*1: Compared to previous models. *2: In the 2019 model Super Great and large commercial vehicles.


An Engine Uniting Power, Comfort and Fuel Efficiency

New 12.8L 6R30 Turbocharged Engine Delivers High Output With Low Fuel Consumption
Newly developed torquey engine 6R30 (total displacement 12.8L) that is nimble on uphill roads and delivers excellent response. The turbocharger has been optimized to reduce friction, including the use of ball bearings in the bearings, and optimal boost pressure is set according to output to achieve low fuel consumption. In addition, fuel economy is further improved by optimizing calibration in the low rpm range, which is used more frequently. Meanwhile, for reduced NOx emissions, the purification rate of the after-treatment system has been improved to minimize AdBlue® consumption, thereby reducing running costs.

*AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the Association of German Automobile Manufacturers.

Compliance With New Heavy-Duty Fuel Efficiency Standards Based on JH25 Mode
Optimized driveline including a fuel-efficient 12.8L high-performance engine, improved aerodynamics, a super high roof, updated cab exterior, and low-resistance tires.

6R30 Engine 12.8L (Straight 6 Intercooler Turbo)

6R30 (T1)
290kW (394PS)/1,600rpm

6R30 (T2)
310kW (421PS)/1,600rpm


Cutting Edge Advanced Preventive Safety Systems

Active Break Assist 6
Active Sideguard
Assist® 2.0 *2
Front Blindspot
Information System *3

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ABA®6 (Active Break Assist 6) *1
The system uses a forward recognition camera and radar to detect the risk of collision and reduces damage through warning and brake operation. If a risk of collision is detected, the system automatically applies the brakes to avoid or mitigate damage. In addition, ABA® 6 offers even better obstacle detection. It has improved accurate detection of obstacles when driving around curves with good visibility, changing lanes, etc., and has improved the reduction of false detections.

*ABA® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Active Sideguard Assist® 2.0 *2
Active Side Guard Assist 2.0 monitors the blind spot on the passenger’s side with radar. When a moving object is detected, the system alerts the driver (primary warning), warns with an audible alarm and lamp (secondary warning), and activates the damage reduction brake to bring the vehicle to an emergency stop to mitigate potential damage. A new function warns the driver when pedestrians, bicycles, or obstacles on the road are detected when turning right. Furthermore, when changing lanes, the system warns the driver when other vehicles are nearby to support safe driving.

* Damage Mitigation Braking is activated when the vehicle is traveling at a speed of 20 km/h or less.
* Active Sideguard Assist® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Front Blind Spot Information System *3
The system detects pedestrians and bicycles approaching in front of the vehicle when it starts and displays a warning signal on the multi-function monitor in the meter cluster to help the driver avoid danger.

Standard Equipment
● Rearview camera*4
● Bright and durable LED headlights
● LED rear combination lamps with sequential turn lamps
● Electric parking brake (EPB)

Compliance with International Safety Standards and Regulations (Standard Equipment)
BSIS (side collision warning system): Active Sideguard Assist® 2.0 (Active Sideguard Assist® 2.0).
Rearview camera (device for checking immediately behind the vehicle when backing up): Rearview camera and interior monitor.

*1: This device does not mitigate collision damage in all situations and has limitations in recognition and control performance. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and drive safely without overconfidence. *2: The system is equipped to support braking operations in case pedestrians or bicycles are involved, but this does not necessarily mean that a collision can be avoided. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and drive safely. *3: This system is not designed to detect and warn of conditions in front of the vehicle in all situations, and its ability to recognize objects is limited. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and drive safely without overconfidence. 4: The image captured by the camera may differ from the actual visual image. The driver should always be aware of the surrounding conditions and drive safely without overconfidence in the information provided by this device.

*Image shows Super High Roof (interior color: dark red)


A Refined Interior, Inspiring a Sense of Peace

Super High Roof for a More Comfortable Living Space and Ample Storage Capacity
Place heavy objects without worry in the sturdy overhead storage compartment in the super high roof variation. Ambient lighting is placed above to spread soft light toward the ceiling. Additional compartments are provided to neatly store small items and documents.

● Highly textured living space in new dark red*1
● Equipped with Easy-Access Key, allowing you to lock and unlock the door without inserting the key *2

*1 Available Option  *2 First application in a Super Great model

Vehicle specifications may vary by market. Contact your local FUSO distributor for more information.