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AI-Based Route Planning and Dispatching Solution to Transform Your Delivery Experience in Japan

Customer expectations for the last mile logistics industry are rapidly increasing together with the growing online shopping market.

What should you do to improve and to maintain competitiveness with limited number of drivers and vehicles? There are many possible countermeasures, however, the most important one in improving  operational efficiency of your business is optimization of delivery routes. The Wise Systems platform combines powerful, AI-driven Dynamic Optimization Engine with intuitive user interfaces to drive a high-performance operation. Ideal for operations in many different industries, Wise Systems is proven to reduce fleet mileage, carbon footprint and late deliveries, and increase operational efficiency.

Wise Systems is compatible with vehicles of all makes and models including small commercial vehicles.

A Powerful and Trusted Tool, Used by Enterprises Around the World

Trusted by the world’s largest brands, Wise Systems Autonomous Dispatch and Routing software with machine learning continuously improves fleet efficiency and performance for last-mile operations. Wise Systems can be used as a standalone platform or integrated with existing systems to revolutionize transportation operations with data science and machine learning.

Wise Systems is now ready to be offered in Japan after repeated testing in real operations to ensure product fit for various Japan-specific environments, conditions and requirements. Transform with Wise Systems.

What is Wise Systems?

Wise Systems scheduler and dispatcher is the web-based platform that calculates route plans while factoring in the unique variables and constraints of each operation – amount of ordered goods, delivery conditions, vehicles and drivers. Furthermore, algorithms and machine learning models provide significant fleet performance improvements to route planning operations – benefits not previously available with traditional route planning which was fully dependent on the experience and skills of a dispatcher. Wise Systems uses the data it gathers from your fleet to predict how the fleet will perform in the future and to significantly enhance the power and accuracy of future routes, minimizing vehicle mileage and driving time.

Dispatcher interface allows dispatchers and fleet managers to visualize their fleet through a live map view. It allows you to monitor routes, including delivery progress, ETAs for each delivery, and driver performance.

Drivers receive interactive routes and delivery details, as well as tools such as customer notifications, notes, proof of delivery and barcode scanning that help them manage their days and offer better customer service.

Integrate Order Management, Route Planning, Dispatching and Tracking

Reduce Dispatcher Burden

Vehicle dispatchers who make delivery plans every day with knowledge, experience, and intuition that were cultivated over many years, will be able to obtain the functionality and precision unique to technology of Wise Systems. The efficiency of delivery operations will be further improved. The operation of system itself is smooth, so the burden and stress of dispatcher are significantly reduced which leads to improvement of work-life balance.

Maximize Efficiency with Machine Learning

When a driver, dispatcher, or operation manager changes a delivery plan, Wise Systems learns from the changes and they are used when creating a delivery plan thereafter. The more you use it, the more it will be adjusted according to your business and grow Wise Systems.

Maximize Your Business’ Efficiency with Wise Systems

Input all data related to delivery, and Wise Systems automatically creates the optimal delivery plan by making full use of the route planning algorithms and machine learning. Wise Systems supports the elimination of various problems in daily operation and largely enhances your business efficiency and profit maximization.

Route Planning Algorithm Automatically Creates Ideal Delivery Plan

Before Wise Systems installation:

Manual creation of delivery plan by an experienced dispatcher:
● Allocation
● Truck
● Driver
● Luggage

After Wise Systems installation:

Automated creation of delivery routes schedules based on the following information:

● Road traffic information
● Past data
● Luggage load capacity
● Vehicle and driver availability
● Delivery time zone

Creation of optimal delivery routes in short time without relying solely on the knowledge and experience of dispatcher.

Significantly reduces time for route creation

Planned Deliveries Sent to Drivers’ Devices

Before Wise Systems installation:

Creation of the paper-based delivery plan and handing over to individual drivers.

After Wise Systems installation:

● Easy one-click distribution of delivery plan
● Quick and easy manual changes by driver and dispatcher
● When the route is changed manually, machine learning models learn from the modified parts and common combinations which are then used when creating a delivery plan next time

Machine learning from operational practices and automated adjustments.

Improved efficiency without additional effort means no more paper work

Live tracking of driver location and delivery status

Before Wise Systems installation:

Delivery plan that is difficult to change once created. Phone call is the only way to communicate the changes.

After Wise Systems installation:

● Track driver’s current location and delivery status in real time, and notify dispatcher/fleet manager of the progress
● Automated optimization based on real time conditions
● Integration with navigation apps
● Automatic matching and dispatching of the driver in case of an unexpected urgent delivery
● Live tracking of the delivery status by delivery recipients/end customers

Increased transparency of driver’s daily work.

Flexible and quick response to sudden changes

Automatic report function for simplification of business efficiency analysis

Before Wise Systems installation:

Creation of a paper-based daily driving report. Analysis of operating efficiency from these reports.

After Wise Systems installation:

● Performance analysis of individual drivers and the fleet as a whole
● Identification of inefficient area and trends

Visualization of current state of business

A much more reliable and a faster analysis!

Key Benefits of Wise Systems

Wise Systems is compatible with vehicles of all types and brands including small commercial vehicles!

Efficient delivery routes increase efficiency of your day-to-day operations. Moreover, Wise Systems is easy to install and easy to operate. As your business support partner, Mitsubishi Fuso provides you with various benefits through Wise Systems.

Best Delivery Route Planning to Boost Operational Efficiency

Efficient Delivery Even with a Limited Number of Drivers


Even with a limited number of drivers, fine-tuning of the free time can enable efficient delivery.

Optimal delivery route suggestion makes delivery smooth, so the driver’s stress is reduced and working satisfaction is increased.

In case of a sudden order or a change, the delivery sequence will be updated in real time and the driver will be notified on the application.

Increased Efficiency of Various Operations and Reduced Working Time


Complicated delivery plans can be created easily and in a short time, so the burden and stress on the dispatcher is reduced.

Delivery plan is immediately sent to the driver’s smart device. Hassle of creating, outputting, and handing traditional paper-based planning tables is eliminated.

Driver stress is reduced with a lean delivery plan. More tasks are completed in the same amount of time.

Live checking of information such as traffic and delivery delays enable automatic optimization of each route based on the situation.

Automatic report function provides a provides a full insight into the operations and saves time required for creation of daily driving reports.

Improved Fuel Efficiency


Reduction of fuel consumption thanks to shorter routes and less driven mileage which also contributes to C02 savings.

Average 15 % mileage reduction and an average 20% improvement in fleet utilization has been confirmed by the customers the US.

Latest News

 May 9, 2023

From May in 2023 , Navitime Japan’s truck car navigation app “Truck Car Navi  by NAVITIME ” will be added to the automatic linkage in Wise Systems’ app “Wise Driver”.

~ The delivery address in Wise Systems will be automatically entered * ~


From May, 2023, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) will use Navitime Japan Co., Ltd.’s “Truck Car Navi by NAVITIME ” as a drivers’ navigation application of the automatic dispatch system, “Wise Systems”. We will inform you that it will be possible to select it as a navigation application for large vehicles from the smartphone application “Wise Driver”.  Selecting “Truck car navigation by NAVITIME” on “Wise driver” application, the delivery address used by Wise Systems will be automatically entered (*), reducing the burden on the driver and enabling smoother and safer driving.

* For automatic input of the delivery address, the use of “Truck car navigation by NAVITIME” Premium Plus registration is required.


MFTBC introduces “Truck Car Navi by NAVITIME” as a navigation app for truck drivers to customers who are considering to adopt Wise Systems, and it is a more reasonable corporate contract than registering as an individual app. We will offer it to customers who would like to use the “Truck Car Navi” (please contact us separately regarding the registration method and prices).


Already registered “Truck Car Navi by NAVITIME ” can also link with the “Wise Driver” app.

「トラックカーナビ by NAVITIME」のアプリ画面イメージ

Features of Truck car navigation app “Truck car navigation by NAVITIME “

This app is a car navigation app for trucks provided by Navitime Japan.  It enables to find optimized routes for the registered vehicles (vehicle height/width/weight), considering large vehicle restrictions, road closures (including restrictions by time of day), parking area with large trucks, etc. It also supports aerial photo display, which is convenient for checking the loading entrance, as well as width of the gate.


With the Truck Car Navi Premium Plus course, you can also use the “offline navigation” function that allows navigation such as route search and voice guidance considering large vehicles even outside the communication range.


For more information, please refer to the ” Truck Car Navi  by NAVITIME ” website .

Please contact MFTBC ‘s Wise Systems sales representative for sales prices and document requests.

トラックカーナビ by NAVITIME
トラックカーナビ by NAVITIME

January 12, 2023

Exhibit at “Smart Logistics EXPO” held from January 25 to 27, 2023

~ Your visit during the period are eligible for the “first month free campaign (* 1)” ~

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) will exhibit at Tokyo Big Sight from January 25 (Wednesday) to 27 (Friday), 2023. We will exhibit the delivery planning system “Wise Systems” developed by Wise Systems in the United States at “Smart Logistics EXPO” (planned and operated by RX Japan Co., Ltd.).

“Smart Logistics EXPO ” is one of Japan’s largest exhibition gathering the latest information on logistics DX, robotization, and carbon neutrality . It holds notable seminars such as logistics DX success stories and decarbonization points every day. Concurrent exhibitions include “Automotive World,” an advanced technology exhibition for cars, and ” FACTORY INNOVATION Week 2023 ,” which drives factory innovation.

MFTBC will exhibit and demonstrate “Wise Systems” at the “Smart Logistics EXPO”. We will carry out a ” first month free campaign (*1)” for customers who visit us during the “Smart Logistics EXPO” period .

*1 This campaign will be held during the “Smart Logistics EXPO ” (January 25th to 27th, 2023) , and the first month’s usage fee will be free for customers who have signed a contract.


■ Overview of the 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO

January 25 ( Wednesday ), 26 ( Thursday ), 27 ( Friday ) , 2023 10:00-17:00

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) West Exhibition Hall (3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)

Planning and operation: RX Japan Co., Ltd.

▼ Click here for details on the 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO :

August 30, 2022

MFTBC to exhibit at “Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022” between September 13 and 16

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Karl Deppen, hereafter “MFTBC”) will exhibit a route planning system “Wise Systems” developed by the US company Wise Systems, Inc. at “Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022”, one of the largest logistics related exhibitions in Asia held at Tokyo Big Sight from Tuesday September 13th to Friday 16th , 2022.

“Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022” is one of the largest exhibitions in Asia, where both domestic and overseas logistics companies gather with the latest devices, information systems, and services. This year, the scale of the exhibition will be the biggest ever in its history and over 80,000 visitors are expected. “Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022” widely gets attentions as the best platform for those who seek productive meetings, new business, and finding ways to create a “new normal” in the logistics industry. This is particularly important as the industry seeks solutions to problems such as the as so-called “2024 crisis”, an expected shortage of drivers resulting from new legislation being introduced in Japan from 2024.

MFTBC will exhibit and demonstrate “Wise Systems” at “Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022”. MFTBC partnered with Wise Systems, Inc. in July 2021 and started sales of Wise Systems. Wise Systems’ routing and dispatching solution is a cloud and smartphone-based software that streamlines the last mile delivery process. The software utilizes AI and machine learning to automatically create an optimal delivery plan by incorporating all delivery-related information, such as delivery orders, packages, drivers, vehicles, and traffic conditions, and by using route-planning algorithms to select delivery routes, trucks, and drivers. It can be used regardless of vehicle brand or size, and customers in the U.S. have reduced their mileage by 15%, increased fleet utilization by 20%*, and significantly reduced planning and dispatching time. Wise Systems is ideal for last-mile delivery of usages such as food and beverages, parcels, business services and products, and field service technicians. It also contributes to CO2 emissions reductions through efficient fleet operation and the customers in the U.S. achieved a 15% reduction in fleet mileage and CO2 emissions with Wise Systems. By improving the operational efficiency of fleets, MFTBC believes the system also has the potential to ease the pressure of driver shortages in Japan.

* Data source: Wise Systems, Inc. 2017-2019 research

About “Logis-Tech Tokyo 2022”

Date & Time: September 13th (Tue), 14th (Wed), 15th (Thu) and 16th (Fri), 10:00~17:00
Place: Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 1 – 8
Organizers: The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers(JSIM)
Japan Industrial Vehicles Association(JIVA)
Japan Pallet Association(JPA)
Japan Material Handling Association(JMHA)
The Japan Institute of Material Handling(JIMH)
Japan Institute of Logistics Systems(JILS)
Japan Management Association(JMA)
Supporters: 41 organizations and companies
Scale of Exhibition: 442 organizations and companies, 2,559 booths

For more details, please visit:

MFTBC at a Glance

Based in Kawasaki, Japan, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, with 89.29% of its shares owned by Daimler Truck AG and 10.71% by various Mitsubishi group companies. An icon in the Japanese commercial vehicle industry with a longstanding history of 90 years with its FUSO brand, MFTBC manufactures a range of commercial vehicles including light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and buses, and industrial engines for over 170 markets worldwide. In 2017, MFTBC introduced the eCanter, the first all-electric light-duty truck in series-production and in 2019, the Super Great – Japan’s first heavy-duty truck fitted with Level 2 Automated Driving Support Technology, a benchmark in the Japanese commercial vehicle market. MFTBC operates under the umbrella of Daimler Truck Asia, together with its partner organization Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) in India. This strategic unit allows the entities to collaborate on areas such as product development, parts sourcing and production to provide the best value to customers.