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      A New Era of Logistics Performance

    • Super Great

      Heavy Duty

      Toughness You Demand, Comfort You Deserve

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Mitsubishi Fuso Raises the Bar of Transportation

In pursuit of new possibilities in the transportation business, we have equipped the long-haul Super Great with advanced driving support functions that are truly ahead of their time. The greater performance aims for even higher efficiency and stable operation after refining the basic performance of the truck, such as load capacity and economy. A new era of transportation begins here. We invite you to experience it for yourself!

Advanced Driver Support for the Next Generation

Advanced control of the accelerator pedal, brake and steering is provided to support driving. In addition, Emergency Stop Assist is available to slow down and stop the vehicle in case of driver error. The advanced driver assistance system helps reduce fatigue and ensures stable and safe driving. This advanced technology leads to further improvements in operational efficiency and transportation quality. The exceptional performance found in the new FUSO Super Great helps usher in the next generation of transport and logistics.

Two Powertrains Boasting Reduced Weight and Exceptional Efficiency

Both the 6R20 (10.7L) and 6S10 (7.7L) have achieved improved fuel efficiency, weight reduction and increased load capacity. In addition, the ISS® (Idling Stop & Start System) comes standard on all models to further improve actual fuel economy.
*ISS® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Asymmetric Turbo Equipped

2-Stage Turbocharger Equipped

Newfound Transparency for Your Vehicle Operations with Truckonnect®

Truckonnect® provides real-time information on vehicles in operation via the Internet. Information transmitted by vehicles is stored in the FUSO database (cloud). Customers can monitor the current location and operational status of their vehicles via PC or smartphone. Truckonnect® can be used in a wide range of business situations, such as speedy response to vehicle problems, improving operational efficiency and preventing dangerous driving.

*All vehicles are equipped with a Truckonnect communication terminal as standard. The dedicated Customer Assistance Center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for various telematics services. In order to use Truckonnect services, you must apply. After FUSO informs you of the access ID and password that will be issued after the application, you will be able to use the service from your PC or smartphone. For details, please contact your nearest Mitsubishi Fuso dealer. Truckonnect® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Track and Trace

Displays real-time position on a map and grasps the vehicle trajectory, including the route taken and the time it has parked or stopped.

Safe Driving

Detects sudden acceleration and braking, and displays on the screen when there is a tendency of dangerous driving.

Fuel Efficiency

Automatically calculates and compiles downloadable data of daily and monthly fuel consumption.

Fleet Management

Allows you to grasp the operating status of your vehicles and compare past and current months’ driving and idling time.


Detects diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that signal engine failure and notifies you in real time.


Real-time notification when a vehicle enters or exits a specific pre-registered area, improving operational processes and efficiency.

Truckonnect® is continually being improved based on our valued customer feedback.

Details for Truckonnect®

*Truckonnect® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. Registration is required to start the Truck Connect service. Upon completion of the registration, an operation manager account will be communicated to you and you will be able to use it. For more details, please contact your local dealer or sales representative.


Piece of Mind Brought to You by FUSO’s Most Advanced Driver Support Technology

Advanced safety performance that supports people and operations and contributes to the transportation business. Active Drive Assist 2″ provides appropriate support for driving maneuvers such as steering, acceleration and deceleration to ensure stable driving and reduce driving fatigue. In addition, “Emergency Stop Assist” is a function that decelerates the vehicle to a stop in the event of a sudden change in the driver’s physical condition. Reducing the risk of accidents and aiming for safe operation will lead to stable operation of the vehicle, which will greatly contribute to the customer’s transportation business.


Active Drive Assist 2 (with Emergency Stop Assist)

Supports driving operation of accelerator and brake pedal and steering.

This advanced driving support function is based on Proximity Control Assist, which enables auto-cruise and stop/start control and adds lane keeping assist function. The system accurately analyzes information from the vehicles high-precision radar and cameras. The system judges road conditions, lane information and the driver’s situation and controls the accelerator pedal, brake and steering individually. The system supports the driver’s operation to reduce fatigue and the risk of accidents.

* Available on all models as a factory-installed option (Eco Line is available with an optional factory-installed Proximity Control Assist).

Emergency Stop Assist (ESA)

Performs emergency stop in case of driver abnormality.

The system is activated when the driver is unable to drive due to a sudden change in health or other reasons while Active Drive Assist 2 is on. After a 60 second warning (monitor display and sound), the system decelerates the vehicle in the same lane and brings it to an emergency stop.

*Comes as factory-installed option included in Active Drive Assist 2.

Proximity Control Assist®

Advanced stop-and-go feature reduces driver burden and fatigue.

This advanced system adds a stop/start control function to the Auto-Cruise with Proximity Control. This system is particularly effective in traffic jams on expressways, where the system controls stopping and starting in accordance with the vehicle ahead, thereby preventing rear-end collisions. The system also reduces the burden of stop-and-go driving, leading to less fatigue.

*Standard equipment on Pro and Premium Line. A factory-installed option on Eco Line.
*Proximity Control Assist® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Active Drive Assist 2 Steering System Assist Function


1. Lane Keeping Function
The system supports steering operation to maintain driving in the lane in all speed ranges.

2. Hands-on Detection System
The system monitors whether the driver is relying too much on the lane keeping function. If the system determines that the driver is taking his or her hands off the steering wheel, it will issue a warning and turn off the lane keeping function after 60 seconds.

3. Lane Departure Prevention Function
This function is a more advanced version of the conventional LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System). When a vehicle deviates from its lane against the driver’s intention, the system controls the steering to bring the vehicle back into the lane.

Active Drive Assist 2 is not a device that performs automatic driving. For example, it does not necessarily control the vehicle or return it to its original lane on roads with sharp or continuous curves. When using the system, the driver is responsible for driving safely by operating the steering wheel, brake, gas pedal, etc. in accordance with the conditions of the road, traffic, and own vehicle. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

Emergency Stop Assist does not, by itself, prevent or avoid accidents or collisions. The system also has its limitations. Do not overestimate the system, and if you feel unwell or otherwise have difficulty driving normally, stop the vehicle immediately in a safe place.

(Active Brake Assist/Active Mitigation Brake)

ABA5*1 uses a forward-viewing camera and radar to accurately detect traffic conditions and reduce the risk of collision for pedestrians and stopped vehicles on highways. AMB plus*2 warns the driver when there is a risk of collision with a moving or stationary vehicle ahead. AMB plus*2 warns the driver when there is a risk of collision with a moving or stationary vehicle in front of the vehicle, and activates the emergency brakes if necessary to help avoid or mitigate the damage.

*1 Standard equipment on Premium Line and Pro Line. A factory-installed option on the Eco Line.
*2 Standard equipment for Eco Line

Active Sideguard Assist®1.0

Reduces the risk of entrapment accidents when turning left.

This is a safety device that warns the driver of hidden dangers in the left blind spot. The system monitors the driver’s blind spot using radar and alerts the driver with a warning sound and lamp when the left turn signal is activated or the steering wheel is operated. When the radar detects a moving object on the left side of the vehicle and the system determines that a collision is inevitable if the driver continues driving, the system activates the damage mitigation brake to bring the vehicle to an emergency stop and reduce the damage in the event of a collision.

*Standard equipment on Premium Line and Pro Line. A factory-installed option on the Eco Line.
*The damage mitigation brake is activated when the vehicle is traveling at a speed of 20 km/h or less.
*Some models may not be available depending on the installation or options. For details, please contact your nearest Mitsubishi Fuso dealer.
*Active Sideguard Assist® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Xtra Vision LED headlights

Equipped with a signature lamp that stands out for its bright impression. In addition to a long service life, the bright white light improves night vision.

*Standard equipment on Premium Line and Pro Line. The Eco Line equipped with halogen headlights.

Active Attention Assist®

The system monitors driving conditions such as the amount of steering, rate of meandering, average vehicle speed and more. It also uses a facial recognition camera to detect the driver’s torso and eyelid movements. The system analyzes the driver’s attention deficit with high accuracy and warns the driver when behavior that may affect operation is detected.

*Standard equipment on Premium Line and Pro Line. Factory-installed option on Eco Line. Attention Assist (without facial recognition function) is standard equipment on Eco Line. Active Attention Assist® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

The front recognition camera scans speed limit, no overtaking and stop signs, displaying up to two on the driver instrument meter. An audible warning will sound if you attempt to enter a road with no-entry signs on both sides.

*Standard equipment on Premium Line and Pro Line. Factory-installed option on Eco Line.

Headlight Auto-Lighting/Daytime Running Lights

The system senses the brightness of the surroundings and automatically turns the headlights on and off. In daytime driving, the daytime running lights come on as soon as the ignition is turned on. This increases visibility to other vehicles. The lights will automatically turn off when the surroundings become dark or when the fog lights are turned on.

* Standard equipment on Premium and Pro lines.

Intelligent Headlight Control (IHC)

The system automatically switches the headlights between high beam and low beam according to the traffic conditions ahead and the brightness of the surroundings. On dark roads with no oncoming or preceding traffic and no street lights, the headlights switch to high beam; in bright areas with oncoming or preceding traffic, they switch to low beam. The system reduces the hassle of operating switches and contributes to safe driving at night.

*Standard equipment on Pro and Premium Line. Factory-installed option on Eco Line.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)

The system stabilizes the vehicle when turning and helps reduce the risk of skidding and rollover. The system warns the driver when the vehicle’s posture becomes unstable, and also controls engine torque and braking when it determines that there is a risk of skidding or rolling over.

* ESP® is a registered trademark of Daimler Truck AG.

*Traffic Sign Recognition may not be able to recognize road signs in all situations. Do not overestimate the effectiveness of the system, and be sure to check the signs yourself.
*The automatic switching of high and low beams by Intelligent Headlight Control has limitations depending on the situation. Always check the surrounding conditions and switch the beams manually if necessary.
*ABA5/AMB plus is a system that assumes safe driving by the driver and is not intended to avoid collision or mitigate collision damage in all situations. The system has limitations such as not responding depending on the shape and direction of obstacles in front. When driving, always check the safety of your surroundings and keep an adequate distance between vehicles.
*Active Sideguard Assist assists the driver in preventing false recognition and does not enable the driver to fall asleep or look over the shoulder. There is a limit to the recognition performance. Whenever you drive, please be sure to check the safety of your surroundings and drive safely.
*Active Attention Assist is a system that notifies the driver of a decrease in driving attention and assists in safe driving. Do not overestimate the system, and try to drive safely by taking a proper rest as needed while driving. The system does not work at low speeds.
*ESP® is not a device that allows you to drive beyond your limits; the effect of ESP® is limited to the extent that the grip of the tires is not exceeded.
For more details about each function, please refer to the instruction manual.


Powerful and Smooth Driving for Both Comfortable and Economical Operation.

Two types of engines with significantly reduced weight and improved fuel efficiency

Both the 6R20 (total engine displacement: 10.7L) and 6S10 (total engine displacement: 7.7L) have achieved weight reduction and greatly increased load capacity. The new models are also more fuel-efficient. In addition, the ISS® (Idling Stop & Start System) is standard on all models to improve actual fuel economy.

*ISS® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

6R20 Engine with Asymmetric Turbo

An asymmetric turbocharger is used to improve fuel economy and reduce AdBlue® consumption by combining high boost and high EGR. In addition, the combustion and emission systems have been optimized and the entire engine has been reduced in friction. The result is an engine that is not only powerful, but also lightweight and fuel-efficient.

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6R20 (T2) 394PS
290kW (394PS)/1,600rpm
2,000N.m (204kgf.m)/1,100rpm

6R20 (T1) 360PS
265kW (360PS)/1,600rpm
2,000N.m (204kgf.m)/1,100rpm

6R20 (T3) 428PS
315kW (428PS)/1,600rpm
2,100N.m (214kgf.m)/1,100rpm

6R20 (T4) 460PS
338kW (460PS)/1,600rpm
2,200N.m (224kgf.m)/1,100rpm

6S10 Engine with 2-Stage Turbo

In addition to the compact design, further weight reduction has been achieved, contributing to a reduction in vehicle weight. In addition, fuel economy has been improved by optimizing the exhaust gas system. In addition, a two-stage turbocharger has been adopted to maximize the engine’s performance over a wide rpm range. The two-stage turbocharger delivers more manageable torque and higher output in the low rpm range.

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6S10 (T1) 354PS
260kW (354PS)/2,200rpm
1,400N.m (142kgf.m)/1,200~1,600rpm

6S10 (T2) 381PS
280kW (381PS)/2,200rpm
1,400N.m (142kgf.m)/1,200~1,600rpm

Compatible with Advanced On-board Failure Diagnostic Equipment [J-OBDⅡ].


Advanced on-board failure diagnosis system. The system detects and monitors abnormalities in the emission control equipment and displays an alarm in the event of an abnormality, and also stores the details of the failure in the system.

Leverage the Power of Our Advanced AMT “ShiftPilot” on all Super Great Models

The AMT “ShiftPilot” has evolved with advanced automatic shifting control. The multi-function lever on the steering column allows for smoother and more reliable shifting, and the two-pedal system with minimal shifting shock contributes to improved operability and comfort, as well as safe driving. The two-pedal, low-shock shifting feeling also contributes to improved operation, comfort and safety, and the perfect combination with the engine results in improved fuel economy.

Proven Track Record for the Environment: BlueTec®

The Super Great is equipped with BlueTec® Technology, an environmental technology that combines a high-performance engine with a regenerative controlled DPF and BlueTec® exhaust after-treatment system. All models meet the “2008 emission regulations”. In addition, the system is effective in reducing fuel consumption, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.

■ DPF with Regenerative Control
Significantly reduces PM in exhaust gas. We have also refined the high practicality of the system by extending the regeneration interval and suppressing oil dilution.

■ BlueTec® Exhaust Aftertreatment System
AdBlue® (aqueous urea) is injected to decompose NOx in the exhaust gas through a chemical reaction, resulting in a significant reduction of NOx.

*BlueTec® is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.
*AdBlue® and AdBlue® are registered trademarks of the German Automobile Manufacturers Association.


Comfortable Space and Easy-to-use Controls Further Reduce Driver Fatigue.

Comfortable, functional and easy to get in and out of the cockpit.

A belt-in seat with the seat belt fixed to the driver’s backrest instead of the pillar. This provides proper protection and fit even when the seat is moved up and down or reclined. In addition, an air suspension seat is used in the driver’s seat to provide a high-quality ride and reduce driving fatigue.

Belt-in seat for comfort and occupant protection

The instrument cluster is highly visible and stylishly designed. In the center is a 4.1-inch (5-inch for Premium Line only) multifunction monitor. It allows the driver to easily check a variety of information needed, such as real-time fuel consumption, remaining AdBlue®, and warning indicators.

Evolved Meter Cluster: Easier To Read Than Ever Before

The instrument cluster is highly visible and stylishly designed. In the center is a 4.1-inch (5-inch for Premium Line only) multifunction monitor. It allows the driver to easily check a variety of information needed, such as real-time fuel consumption, remaining AdBlue®, and warning indicators.

A Fulfilling Design With Comfort and Functionality at Its Heart

AM/FM Radio With Bluetooth® and USB Support

AM/FM radio with Bluetooth® and USB connectivity is standard equipment in the Eco Line and Pro Line. A traffic information button allows the driver to check road conditions.

*Bluetooth® is a trademark or registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Redefining Audio Functionality (TCC)

The TCC (Track Control Center) is a 7-inch touch panel display for easy audio operation. Linked to a smartphone, various compatible applications can be controlled via the panel*. The system is equipped with a variety of functions such as hands-free calling for cell phones and music playback via Bluetooth® and USB connection.

* Standard equipment with Premium Line
* Support may vary with application. For the models recommended by Mitsubishi Fuso, please refer to the Mitsubishi Fuso website.

Steering Switch

A variety of operations such as multi-function monitor and audio can be performed by switches at hand. This operation requires less eye movement and contributes to safe driving.

Left Side
● Multi-function monitor (menu selection)

● Display and operation of each menu (operation information, driving information, audio/alarm, maintenance, vehicle operation, vehicle information, settings)

● Audio (volume control) ● Screen memory and display

Right Side
● Phone: Receive incoming calls, make outgoing calls, and end calls
● Auto-Cruise (speed set/cancel/return)

Multifunction Key

By inserting it into the key slot and pressing the start/stop button, you can start the engine and switch to accessory mode. Immobilizer and keyless entry functions are also provided.


The Right Body For Any Application









Detailed PDF materials in Japanese only.

Cab Variations

Executive Line

Main features of the Executive Package (Premium Line plus features)

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Main features of the Executive Package (Premium Line plus features)

Headlight washers
Plated door handle (driver’s side)
Plated inside handles (both sides)
Plated grill and bumper
Plated lower spoiler (except for lower spoiler-less models)
Dark brown carpet
Wood-grained panels and wood-grained door ashtrays (both sides)
4 speakers (2 front left and right, 2 rear left and right)
Built-in air purifier
Partial Moquette Door Trim
Driver’s side support
Passenger flip-up seat (synthetic leather upholstery)
Driver’s air-suspended seat (combination leather with seat heater)
Sun visor (driver’s seat: with vanity mirror, center & front passenger seat: without vanity mirror)
Exterior Illumination
Livestock cooling type rear cooler
Bed Ventilation
Bed section curtain
Windshield with shade band

Premium Line

Main Features of the Premium Line

Click for Details

Main Features of the Premium Line (plus all Pro Line features)

Super Mirrors: Remote control and heated wiper mirrors (electrically foldable on the passenger side)
Overhead console box (driver’s side & passenger’s side, large center type for high roof)
Interior color black
Silver Parts for Premium Line
Carbon panel
Leather Steering Wheel
Multi-function monitor (5 inches)
Interior LED Illumination
Premium bed (thick-walled specification)
TCC (Truck Control Center)
Seatback pocket
Rear Window Console

Pro Line

Main Features of the Pro Line

Click for Details

Main Features of the Pro Line

Xtra Vision LED Headlights
Fog lamps (also for cornering lamps)
Step lamp
Super mirrors: Heated mirrors (electrically foldable on passenger side)
Silver parts for Pro Line
Driver’s air suspension seat (fabric upholstery)
Front passenger flip-up seat (fabric upholstery)
Multi-function monitor (4.1 inches)
Door ashtray (both sides) & cigarette lighter (no light)
Fully automatic air conditioner
AM/FM Radio
Overhead console box (driver’s side, large center type for high roof)
Front left and right 2 speakers (4 speakers for high roof, front left and right 2 speakers, rear left and right 2 speakers)
Roof grips and assist header grips (passenger side)
multifunction key
Power socket x 2
L-shaped visor
Round Curtains

Eco Line

Main Features of the Eco Line

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Main features of the Eco-Line


High quality options to further refine the Super Great

*Available as a factory-installed option for the Pro Line and Premium Line.

Body Colors

*In addition, you can choose your favorite cab color (for a fee) with Fuso Genuine Color Paint, which is available in 365 colors. In addition, the Fuso Genuine Color Paint, which is available in 365 colors, allows you to select the cab color of your choice (for a fee).
The basic standard equipment for each grade is fixed. (If the customer does not make a selection, the equipment will be that of the basic grade.
For details, please consult your nearest Mitsubishi Fuso dealer.