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Clean. Powerful. Safe. Seamlessly Integrated into Society

Further enhancements have been made to the eCanter for zero-emission transportation and lower noise in urban areas. Its all-electric platform ensures great performance, and less vibrations reduce driver fatigue. The eCanter offers lower maintenance cost and greater energy efficiency*1 combined with state-of-the-art safety features. Bringing people, society and the future closer through transportation — a new era for logistics begins with the eCanter.

*1 When using normal AC charging

An Industry Benchmark in State-of-the-Art EV Systems

The key advantage of electric vehicles is their simple mechanical design. Combined with FUSO’ s advanced technology, we offer a safe, efficient and high-performance electric truck.

Silent Citywide Deliveries

The eCanter is an ideal fit for inner-city delivery and transportation businesses. The torque of the electric motor enables smooth stop-start driving. Clutch/gear shifts are no longer needed. The eCanter has a high gradeability for driving up steep slopes. As the eCanter runs silently with zero emissions, it is suited to night time and early morning operations in city areas.

Powered by Electricity

Drivers will not find themselves short on power, as performance is superior to diesel engines in its class. The electric motor generates immense torque that enhances driving comfort and efficiency.

High-Performance Lithium-ion Batteries Ready to Tackle Whatever the Job Demands

Each high-performance lithium-ion battery pack has a capacity of 370V/13.5kWh, and the eCanter is powered with six battery packs on board. These give the eCanter a range of approximately 100 km* per charge, capable of being charged by two types of battery charging systems: normal AC charging, or quick DC charging compliant with the CCS2 protocol.

* Range varies according to running condition.

Engineered for Business. Engineered to You.

The eCanter is designed to suit any type of operation and charging facility. The eCanter is equipped with both normal (AC) and quick (DC) charging ports.

Regular Charging Cable (Dealer Option)

Normal Charging (AC)

AC single phase (max 32A) can be used when a longer charging time is available. The charging time varies depending on the battery SOC (State of Charge) and when charging starts.

Charging Port

Quick Charging (DC)

The eCanter can also be charged with DC charging. Systems compliant with CCS2 standard enable charging in a shorter time. Quick charging mode is ideal if there is insufficient time to use normal charging.

Electricity for Economical Operation

The all-electric eCanter has a lower running cost and is competitively economical. Fewer mechanical components also means a reduction in maintenance costs compared to diesel vehicles.

Built to Protect Both Drivers and the World Beyond

Advanced Emergency Braking System

A high-precision millimeter-wave radar installed in the front bumper detects moving or stationary vehicles ahead as well as pedestrians.* 1 If a potential collision is detected, the system alerts the driver with a warning and automatically activates the brakes.*2 This helps the driver avoid a collision, or reduces the level of damage if a collision is unavoidable. When AEBS is activated, the icon in the multi-information display in the instrument cluster alerts the driver, and a warning lamp flashes.

*1 Only capable of detecting walking pedestrians.
*2 Specific conditions must be present before the brakes are activated.

AEBS is not designed for preventing collisions or minimizing damage in any condition, and has limitations in its recognition and control performance. Drivers must always check for safety around the vehicle before driving, and maintain a safe distance between other vehicles. The system may not active depending on the conditions of the vehicle ahead.

Detects Vehicles and Pedestrians Ahead and Activates Brakes to Help Avoid Collision and Minimize Damage.

*Only detects moving pedestrians and responds with 1st STEP and 2nd STEP in illustration.

Electronic Stability Program

ESP® constantly monitors the eCanter’ s stability with sensors, and provides optimum control of motor output and braking force to each wheel if the risk of skidding or overturning around corners is detected. The system assists drivers in keeping the eCanter stable and avoids the risk of skidding or overturning. An ESP® off switch is also available to disable the system if necessary. The ESP® OFF warning lamp clearly alerts drivers when the system has been disabled or if there is a malfunction.

* ESP® is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.

Keeps eCanter Stable When Cornering on Slippery Road Conditions to Limit Skidding and Rollovers.

ESP® is not a device that enables driving beyond the limit of the vehicle. ESP® functions within a range that does not exceed the limit of gripping force of the tires. Drivers must ensure they drive safely by slowing down sufficiently on slippery roads or before corners instead of relying on ESP®.

Lane Departure Warning System

If the eCanter starts to deviate from its lane without using the indicators when driving on highways, a lane recognition camera detects that it is leaving its lane.*1 The system*2 alerts the driver with a warning buzzer and the multi-information display icon in the instrument cluster, urging the driver to drive safely. A warning lamp is also installed to alert the driver when the LDWS off switch is in use or if the LDWS is faulty.

*1 Can also recognize yellow lines.
*2 Activated at speeds of 60 km/h or higher.

Alerts Driver When Vehicle Leaves Lane to Help Minimize Accidents

LDWS is a driving assist system, which alerts drivers when the vehicle has crossed out of its lane and protecting drivers from falling asleep at the wheel or driving inattentively. The drive assist function may not be available in conditions where the lane markings are obscured due to snow cover, flooding, back lighting, or in poor visibility such as rain or fog. LDWS requires the driver to engage the steering wheel at all times, putting the driver in control with the added reassurance of LDWS.

Intuitive Cockpit Design for Maximum Comfort

Driver-oriented design elements are featured throughout the cockpit. The eCanter allows drivers of all experience levels to maximize the potential of the all-electric platform without needing any skills specific to operating an electric vehicle.

User-Friendly Layout

Drivers will find vehicle information easily, with classic analogue meters on either side of the dashboard, and an upper info panel featuring the speedometer and energy meter showing the amount of power used or generated by the motor. In between the meters is the multi-information display and other indicators, for a simple and intuitive instrument cluster.

[Main display items on the center display] ● Vehicle information: Battery level, remaining mileage, power consumption travel history, inspection schedule ● Navigation ● Radio ● Bluetooth®️ information

Endless Information Packed on One Simple Screen

Large display monitor located in the center instrument panel. Clear visual display with driving and operation information.

Start/Stop Button

Starting the EV system is easy – simply insert the starter key into the key slot and press the START/STOP button. The cabin can also be locked/unlocked while drivers are away from the truck using the keyless entry function.

Comfortable, Stress-Free Driving

The seat design has been optimized for driver comfort, as well as easy access in and out of the cab. Less vibrations of the all-electric vehicle also help reduce driver fatigue.

Vehicle specifications may vary by market. Contact your local FUSO distributor for more information.