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    • FZ

      Heavy Duty

      Relentlesly Rugged

  • 16.2-25t

    GVW Gross Vehicle Weight

  • 170-205kW

    Maximum Output

  • 810-1,100Nm


  • ECU-controlled fuel injection
  • Optimized for power, better economy
  • Comfortable sleeper cabin
  • Handles heavy and tall loads

All Performance, No Spin

The FZ series from FUSO is built strong, real strong. With thick, full-depth long members, the FZ’s chassis adds the extra strength required for heavy loads. The frame is shot blasted and powder coated to add the durability required for reliable performance on rough roads. Inter-wheel and inter-axle differential lock prevents one-wheel spinning, making driving easier in slushy or bogged-down conditions.

The FZ comes with anti-roll bar in front with the wider wheel track to maintain stability when tall loads raise the center of gravity.
Bring on the heavy loads with taller stacks and more main and helper springs, increasing the load-carrying capability of the laminated, multi-leaf rear suspension.

Longer service intervals means less downtime, making your business more profitable.

Vehicle specifications may vary by market. Please contact your local certified FUSO dealer for more information.