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*Vehicle configuration for illustrative purposes only


New Power to Connect the Future of Logistics

Five years after its birth, Japan’s first* series-produced light-duty EV truck, the FUSO eCanter® has undergone a major evolution. In addition to zero-emission transport, a significant expansion of body variations and improved driving range, the eCanter is ready to tackle an increasingly diverse set of business demands. As we embark on an era of full-fledged e-mobility, the eCanter continues to drive the future of the logistics industry as a pioneer of decarbonized trucks.

*According to MFTBC research as of August 2022    *eCanter® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

*eCanter available in Short, Long and Extra Long Wheelbase variations.


Three Battery Configurations to Support Your Business Needs Across All Wheelbase Variants


Striking Exterior Design Befitting of the Next Generation EV

The front features the powerful and intrepid FUSO black belt, a traditional design motif passed down from generation to generation. Combined with the key EV colors of orange and blue, the eCanter’s striking appearance is befitting of the next generation of EV trucks.

LED Headlights with Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Long lasting LED headlights come standard, improving nighttime visibility with their bright white light. Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are also standard equipment, to support safe daytime driving.

*Halogen headlights optional.

LED Rear Combination Lamps

Includes brake lamps, tail lamps, turn signal lamps and back-up lamps. These lamps combine multiple functions in a single, integrated, sophisticated design as standard equipment. The lamps provide high visibility with a generous amount of light to catch the attention of surrounding vehicles.

Leverage the Power of Vehicle Data to Drive Business Success

Truckonnect® provides real-time information on vehicles in operation via the Internet. Information transmitted by vehicles is stored in the FUSO database (cloud). Customers can monitor the current location and operational status of their vehicles via PC or smartphone. Truckonnect® can be used in a wide range of business situations, such as speedy response to vehicle problems, improving operational efficiency and preventing dangerous driving.

Vehicle Location & Trajectory
Situational Awareness

Driving Safety Information

Electricity Consumption Data

Vehicle Management

Remote Diagnosis

Area Management Function

Connectivity Technology newly features EV specific function

With the next generation eCanter, MFTBC’s telematics solution Truckonnect® has also newly added EV specific features. The remaining mileage “eRange” as well as the remaining EV battery capacity compared to the new batteries, which can be displayed on the dashboard with the current model, will be also available on the Truckonnect portal. In addition, the “Charging Management System” function that allows the driver to set a timer to charge the battery during the period when electricity costs are the lowest, becomes available with the new model.

*The charge management system is optional and subject to subscription to the full maintenance package.

All vehicles are equipped with a communication terminal for Truckonnect as standard equipment. The dedicated Customer Assistance Center (CAC) is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for various telematics services. To use Truckonnect, an application to Mitsubishi Fuso is required. After the application, Mitsubishi Fuso will contact the customer with an access ID and password, and the customer will be able to use the service from his/her PC or smartphone. For details, please contact your nearest Mitsubishi Fuso dealer. Truckonnect® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.


The eCanter Supports Both Normal and Quick Charging

The eCanter is compatible with both regular and fast charging methods. Equipped with a charging connector for both methods on the right side of the vehicle, the eCanter can be easily recharged simply by connecting the plug. Depending on the environment and conditions of truck operation, either “normal” or “fast” charging can be used immediately.

Efficient and Comfortable,
With a Full Range of Functions Unique to EVs

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking for energy efficiency is integrated with the shift lever. Braking force is available in four levels, from no regeneration to strong regeneration. This greatly contributes to improved electric cost and ease of driving.

*Standard equipment

Battery Pre-Conditioning

To save energy consumption at the start of driving in cold weather, a timer can be pre-set according to departure time to preheat the battery during AC charging.

*Standard equipment

External Power Supply Function

External power can be supplied from the on-board battery via a power station. In times of disaster or emergency, the system can contribute to society.

 * Standard equipment


An Array of Advanced Safety Features Come Standard, Protecting Those Inside and Outside the Vehicle

Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA®5)

Automatically activates the brakes to assist the driver when there is imminent danger of collision with an obstacle. In conjunction with radar and camera systems, the system more accurately monitors the space in front of the vehicle and improves the accuracy of responses to pedestrians on the road.

Active Sideguard Assist® 1.0

When turning left or changing lanes to the left, the radar detects obstacles by predicting the passing range of vehicles. The system alerts the driver with warning lamps. If the danger level increases, the damage mitigation brake is activated. The left side of the vehicle, which is often a blind spot when driving, is monitored to reduce the risk of an entrapment accident.

Active Attention Assist®

In addition to information from the white line recognition camera and various sensors, the system is equipped with a facial recognition camera. The camera detects facial movements, left and right eye movement, and eye opening and closing conditions, and warns of reduced driving attention with a buzzer and on-screen display.


Intelligent Headlight Control (IHC)

A camera mounted on the windshield recognizes vehicles in front, oncoming traffic and street lights and automatically switches between high and low beams. At speeds below 30km/h, the system automatically switches to low beams.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

A camera mounted on the windshield recognizes traffic signs and displays them on the gauge meter screen to support safe driving. Recognized signs: speed limit/no passing/stop signs

Additional Advanced Safety Features
(Standard Equipment)

Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
Light operation maintains stable braking force even on slopes.

Rear-Eye Camera System
The rear-view camera helps avoid accidents when backing up.

Electric Stability Program (ESP®)
Helps to avoid skidding and rollover in curves.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
Promptly warns of lane departure on highways, etc.

Approaching Vehicle Alert System (AVAS)
Notifies pedestrians of approaching vehicles with an audible tone.

* ABA®, Active Sideguard Assist® and Active Attention Assist® are registered trademarks of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.
* ESP® is a registered trademark of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. All photos are of special edition models for photo shooting purposes only.


Upgraded Interior for Superior Driver Comfort

Orange accents are used as a key color throughout the interior to convey agility and activity. In addition, a full LCD gauge meter with a 10-inch display is linked to steering wheel switches. The interior is equipped with advanced features with driver comfort in mind, including a touch-screen navigation system with a center display and a Bluetooth®-compatible phone/music system combined with sophisticated coloring.

* Includes some factory-installed options.
* The Bluetooth® wordmark and logo are registered trademarks and are the property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation uses these marks and logos under license.


Energy-Saving Heating

Newly added heated driver seat and steering wheel for power saving. A defrost function with a windshield heater is newly available.


Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking for energy efficiency is integrated with the shift lever. Braking force is available in four levels, from no regeneration to strong regeneration. This greatly contributes to improved electric cost and ease of driving.

*Standard equipment


Whatever Your Business Demands, the eCanter is Ready

Major enhancements to battery performance translates to extended range and improved uptime for your business. The era of EVs has arrived to the world of logistics. Wearing Mitsubishi Fuso’s traditional black belt, the Next Generation eCanter drives with a fearless expression on its face, ready to change the future of logistics.

Short Wheelbase

Long Wheelbase

Extra Long Wheelbase

Our Robust 28-Model Lineup is Built to Support a Wide Range of Applications

*Data for flat body variant.


Three Battery Configurations to Support Your Business Needs Across All Wheelbase Variants

Vehicle specifications may vary by market. Contact your local FUSO distributor for more information.