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Our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct

Guideline to Doing the Right Thing

Our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct provides us with guidance for our actions: The policy sets out clearly which rules apply to every single one of us and which principles we follow. In short, it helps us to make the right decisions.

Principles for All Who Keep the World Moving

Our four “Purpose Principles” are the heart of our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct. They sum up how we want to work together and are the basis for the actions of our employees:

  • We start with listening.
  • We build to solve.
  • We lead with the long view.
  • We progress together.


For a complete overview of all our behavior guidelines, please consult our Daimler Truck Code of Conduct.

Daimler Truck Code of Conduct (PDF)

SpeakUp @ Daimler Truck – our Whistleblowing System

Compliance with the law and internal regulations has highest priority for us. When we identify misconduct or potential rule violations, we do not hesitate to address them directly. Our Whistleblowing System SpeakUp enables to report misconduct and potential rule violations in a protected manner – also in anonymous form. SpeakUp is available worldwide both to our employees and to external third parties.

If you become aware of concrete indications of legal violations or rule violations in connection with the Daimler Truck Group, you can contact the Whistleblowing System SpeakUp using the following contact details.


Online Platform:
Speak Up Feedback Platform

Japan: 0120 774878 (Access code: 06411)
Available 24/7
See the SpeakUp platform for phone numbers in other countries

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