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    Our Overland Vehicle: A Love & Hate Relationship


Even the best partnerships have their ups and downs.

Ben & Rebecca explain the good and the bad of their overland vehicle.

In this episode of Go Beyond, Ben and Rebecca take some time between their North America adventures to share what they love—and hate—about their FUSO Canter overland vehicle, Denny.

From their base in Seward, Alaska, the couple gives us the lowdown on how Denny makes their epic journeys more comfortable, sustainable and liberating. On the flip side, we are let in on the things that really niggle them about their mobile living space. They also give advice to those looking to buy a similar overland vehicle and why you should never do “stupid stuff” with your ride home!

ABOUT BEN & REBECCA  For more than a decade, life-long travelers Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik have enjoyed life on the road, venturing beyond the glacial beauty of their home state of Alaska to roam the vast North American continent. Having built an international online audience in the process, in 2018 the couple purchased a FUSO FG140 4×4 expedition vehicle to embark on an extraordinary around-the-world adventure. For more, follow the journey on their Outliers Overland YouTube channel.