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    California Dreaming in the Eastern Sierra


Ghost towns, hot springs and the highest and lowest points in the continental US, this land is extreme.

The Eastern Sierra region in east California is the stage for the latest Go Beyond episode. The area is alive with geothermal activity and dominated by jagged peaks and deep valleys—the ultimate playground for Ben and Rebecca’s four-wheeled adventure.

Join the two travelers as they rise to serious elevations for sweeping views of the plains and navigate mountain roads that snake between otherworldly rock formations. The pair take an early morning soak in a bubbling hot spring before digging deeper into the region’s history at a deserted gold mining town. And as the sun dips behind the dramatic mountainscape, the couple set up camp and consider what makes the “perfect” burrito.

ABOUT BEN & REBECCA  For more than a decade, life-long travelers Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik have enjoyed life on the road, venturing beyond the glacial beauty of their home state of Alaska to roam the vast North American continent. Having built an international online audience in the process, in 2018 the couple purchased a FUSO FG140 4×4 expedition vehicle to embark on an extraordinary around-the-world adventure. For more, follow the journey on their Outliers Overland YouTube channel.