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    A Vanlife That Goes Beyond Starts Here


Two travelers hit the road on the first stage of their four-wheeled around-the-world adventure.

Go Beyond is a video series following Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik, an Alaska-based couple dreaming big from their tiny home. The twosome set off to travel the world in their FUSO FG140, Denny, embracing the highs and lows that come with exploring the four corners of the globe on four wheels.

On the first stage of their adventure, the couple explore the best that North America has to offer, through Canada, the continental US and south of the border to Mexico. Join them on their journey as they encounter some of the most breathtaking and challenging landscapes on the continent. 

ABOUT BEN & REBECCA  For more than a decade, life-long travelers Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik have enjoyed life on the road, venturing beyond the glacial beauty of their home state of Alaska to roam the vast North American continent. Having built an international online audience in the process, in 2018 the couple purchased a FUSO FG140 4×4 expedition vehicle to embark on an extraordinary around-the-world adventure. For more, follow the journey on their Outliers Overland YouTube channel.