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    FUSO Concept Sketches Bridge Imagination and Reality


Artist renderings from the early 1970's shaped FUSO's design direction for future generations.

Concept sketches are visual representations that bridge the gap between imagination and reality, providing a tangible depiction of proposed designs and serving as a guide in the creative process.

These visually striking renderings from 1973 to 1975 show how Mitsubishi Fuso artists balanced tradition and innovation by combining elements from past designs with fresh perspectives.

The designs began life as concept sketches before being hand picked as those with the potential to shape the next generation of vehicles. These renderings played a significant role in decision-making, captivating teammates and stakeholders with their powerful impact and representing a vision, convincing others of the next vehicle design.

Elements of the iconic FUSO black belt, a design that can be seen in current-day FUSO vehicles, can be seen here in these renderings of the fourth-generation Canter FE1 and FE2 (1978-1985). Take a peek inside FUSO’s Design Center and learn more about the design process.

The (beige) image below presents a rendering of the FK Series, the predecessor to the Fighter. The illustration featuring the three blue trucks showcases the artists’ vision of a unified truck lineup, emphasizing their cohesive nature rather than focusing on individual vehicles.

These renderings showcase the “Crystal Cut” cab design, featuring clean lines, linear elements and sharp edges. These design cues of the F Series,  continue to define the contemporary exterior style embraced by FUSO’s heavy-duty lineup.