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    The NOMADPro—Redefining Remote Work


A fit-for-purpose workplace-on-wheels balancing office functions with the healing power of nature.

The swift spread of COVID-19 rocked the foundations of traditional workplace culture, forcing many organizations to close their offices and implement new work-from-home (WFH) strategies, setting in motion a cultural sea change that has redefined working styles for the foreseeable future.

Although WFH culture has many benefits, emerging trends suggest that prolonged remote work can impact both physical and mental health. Increased time cooped up at home due to work commitments and social unease felt when going out in public has led to inadequate exercise and poor dietary choices for many. This new workstyle can also blur the boundaries between work and home, leading to feelings of claustrophobia, stress and mental fatigue.

Watch the walkaround video of the NOMADPro CANTER

Watch the walkaround video of the NOMADPro CANTER

In direct response to these issues, designers at FUSO leveraged their ingenuity and knowledge of traditional Japanese design to create NOMADPro, a prototype workplace-on-wheels based on the versatile Canter chassis. Working with Tokyo-based Dream Drive, this stylish fit-for-purpose truck redefines the meaning of remote work by offering users the function of an office alongside the ability to get away from it all.

Harnessing the healing power of nature in the functionality and design of the vehicle was integral to the NOMADPro concept. Spending time in nature has been found to help boost mental health, and this truck can take you right into the heart of it. A major characteristic is the retractable right wing that, when fully open, allows you to focus on your work or study with clarity and concentration thanks to a constant flow of fresh air and the natural backdrop of your chosen destination, whether it be rolling hills or rolling waves.

A natural approach to functionality and design.

The designers also wanted to imbue a sense of nature regardless of where the truck happened to be. The team channeled FUSO’s roots by incorporating Japanese design cues into the interior. Nature has historically been central to Japanese design, and the truck features bamboo wood flooring with tile inlays, natural wood finishes, and tatami-style seating. The four stone tiles at the entrance hint at a traditional garden, leading the user into the nature beyond. Further local influences can be found in the shower room with the hinoki (cypress wood) bath stool and oke or Japanese bathing bowl.

The external livery is another nod to Japanese design, as the modern-looking graphic was inspired by the traditional textile design of yagasuri. The pattern, originally based on bird-of-prey feathers used for fletching on arrows, represents swift movement and smartly aligns with the concept of the NOMADPro.

A COMMON-SENSE SETUP FOR DAY & NIGHT  The NOMADPro was designed to maximize the use of space, utilizing an intelligent Swiss Army Knife design that makes it quick and easy for urban professionals to switch from work mode to relax mode.

The dual-monitor workstation and retractable table and bench are well set up for work, slotting easily back into their storage cabinets when it’s time to log off. The sleek walnut countertop, sink, and induction stove top are on hand for making drinks and light meals, and a neat piece of engineering transforms one corner of the truck into a private shower room through the use of a wooden accordion door. Additionally, a collapsible flank opens to form a deck, providing a perfect place to relax.

As night draws in, a folding bed can be sprung from its storage unit in the far wall, and the daytime’s workspace is transformed into a cozy bedroom lit by calming ambient LED lighting. You can curl up with a book or repurpose the workstation monitor as a TV screen.

ACHIEVING BETTER BALANCE   As society shifts to more progressive views on workplace flexibility and heightened physical and mental health awareness, many are beginning to reassess their relationship with work. The NOMADPro was created to assist those on this journey, capitalizing on the global cultural shift and enabling modern workers to discover the sweet spot between their professional career and personal well-being.