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    FUSO’s ATHENA — The Superhero of Disaster Relief


The shock-orange Rescue Rapid Response concept vehicle is ready to save the day with an array of features.

FUSO is a company with deep roots in Japan and therefore recognizes the importance of being prepared for natural disasters. To address this need, the company teamed up with students from Kokushikan University to create ATHENA, a Rescue Rapid Response concept vehicle. The goal was to design a vehicle that could quickly and effectively respond to emergencies and natural disasters. 

The ATHENA is built on the legendary Canter platform, known for its versatility and ruggedness, and equipped with a range of tools and features to support rescue and recovery efforts. The truck showcases FUSO’s dedication to serving communities and its focus on creating vehicles that adapt to various situations and environments.

The ATHENA Concept was displayed at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show and is currently being used at various local events with Kokushikan University.