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    FUSO Calendar Packs Miniature World Full of Wonder


Everyday household items provide big impact at a miniature scale in this year’s FUSO calendar.

On city streets and highways across Japan and the world, trucks and buses are a ubiquitous sight, carrying people and products that keep the world moving. So common in fact, they often go unnoticed and sadly, unappreciated. With this in mind, the marketing team set out to develop this year’s annual FUSO calendar, as a token of appreciation to our customers and business partners.

The team constructed a parallel, miniature world reality consisting of other common, perhaps underappreciated items. By offering viewers a fresh perspective to familiar household objects, the goal was to spark a greater appreciation, relatability and understanding of the importance commercial vehicles play in our daily lives.

THE IDEA IN PRACTICE  From the eCanter to the Super Great, each of the six image spotlights the features and attributes of the FUSO lineup, with each item serving a specific purpose in the story. Lights, unique angles and vehicle placements help to make them appear more “real”.

OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGES  Though fun, working in such small scale did prove to be difficult, as each seemingly minor detail can make a giant difference. Meticulous attention and out-of-the-box thinking were required to create the miniature world concept. Numerous original ideas were changed as new ones emerged from the team’s mockups and brainstorming sessions. From beginning to end, with open communication, creativity and a whole lot of fun, the team was able to produce a truly memorable calendar yet again.

Through each of our calendars, we aim to highlight the strengths of our products while celebrating our continued collaboration with our valued customers in shaping transportation and our Future Together.

Note: No vegetables were wasted in the making of this calendar and were later repurposed into a delicious salad!