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    FUSO Shines at 2023 Japan Mobility Show


FUSO’s Future Together-themed booth puts new Super Great and eMobility at center stage.

The Japan Mobility Show (JMS), formerly the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS), was held Oct. 26-Nov. 5 at Tokyo Big Sight. Drawing an impressive 1.1 million visitors, the rebranded event proved that enthusiasm around the automotive industry is alive and well despite the cancellation in 2021 due to the corona virus pandemic. 

Under the brand slogan “Future Together,” the FUSO booth was adorned with a series of cubes representing our commitment to our customers, stakeholders, and and creating a cleaner world for all. Long lines of visitors waited to sit in the numerous eCanters and the new Super Great making its world premiere.

Others areas of the booth included a battery-swapping station demo by U.S.-based firm Ample, FUSO’s eMobility solutions, and interactive quizzes and activities for children.

We were impressed to see not only industry insiders visit our booth but also the general public. Excited children with smiles on their faces could be seen gazing up at the giant trucks in awe!

STAYING CONNECTED  In addition to battery technology and charging solutions, connectivity is vital to the future of logistics.

FUSO’s own Truckonnect, which monitors and reports vehicle data and operations in real time, and Wise Systems, an automated delivery planning and dispatch platform, were introduced to tackle the issues, and there was a great deal of interest from the fleet managers who visited.

FOR THE YOUNG AND YOUNG AT HEART  The booth also drew the attention of children and the general public with two interactive and multimedia stations. On the back of an eCanter dump truck, children were awarded illustrated stickers after successfully stacking boxes in the form of dinosaurs and other animals.

Additionally, older participants were invited to answer a series of questions on safety and driving skills to become a “truckmaster”. 

THE CHARGING OF THE FUTURE  Daihen aims to be the standard method of the future with its wireless charging system.

The wireless pad quickly and efficiently charges the vehicle during the time it takes to load and unload freight, providing approximately 100km of range per one hour of charging.

INSIDE THE CABIN  Visitors waited for as long as 90 minutes for the chance to experience the redesigned interiors of the new Super Great as well as a ride-along in the new eCanter.

The eCanter ride along was popular across all generations, with the children seeming to enjoy it the most! The new eco-friendly eCanter garbage truck was illuminated with changing lights and sounds. 

BATTERY SWAPPING STATION  Together with U.S.-based firm, Ample, FUSO demonstrated a battery swapping station. When the eCanter equipped with Ample’s module arrived, the robot went into action, automatically replacing the battery in just a few minutes.  

FROM THE TEAM  The Japan Mobility Show is an event that congers up feelings of both anticipation and anxiety among FUSO employees. Hear some of their impressions from venue floor.

“Oh, it’s an eCanter!” a young child exclaimed!

   The theme of this year’s event was undoubtedly the new eCanter, and the reaction from the visitors exceeded our expectations. When a small child points to one of the display vehicles and says, “Oh, it’s an eCanter!” I was both surprised and impressed. 

Many gathered for the opportunity to experience a ride along as well as witness a battery replacement demonstration. The popularity confirmed the high level of interest in these technologies. 

In addition to continuing to hold test drive events, we also want to hear from our customers in order to develop improved and more versatile electric trucks for future generations. 

Yoshiyuki Shinada
Domestic Sales & Customer Service, Sales Management Department

Fully remodeled heavy duty workhorse coming in 2024!

  The Super Great has undergone a full-model change, but we wanted people to know that the shape of the cab and the super high roof have improved aerodynamics and storage. A new 12.8L engine has been added providing the most powerful performance yet and advance safety features have been improved.

Those who came to see it commented on FUSO’s signature black belt, saying that it was “fearless and cool.” We saw more people than expected gather at the riding experience corner.

In the lead-up to the release of the new heavy duty truck, we plan to hold a nationwide caravan event, allowing more people to experience the vehicle firsthand, which we hope leads to greater sales. 

Shin Muratori
Domestic Sales & Customer Service, Sales Management Department

A GREAT SUCCESS  Following the pandemic and uncertainty following the name change, the Japan Mobility Show ended with great success. The FUSO booth, which was full of highlights like the Super Great, eCanter and eMobility, was visited by crowds everyday.

It was an event that showed expectations for Mitsubishi Fuso, which will play a role in the logistics industry in the future, and we look forward to the next event.