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    FUSO History on Display at Kawasaki K1


A pop-up celebratory display of vintage Canters to honor our past and inspire our future.

Our light-duty Canter is 60 years old

Our FUSO history has been the driving force behind everything we do, and in the 60th anniversary year of our iconic workhorse, the Canter, we paid homage to its legacy by showcasing several beautifully restored vintage vehicles in a prime location at our K1 Plant in Kawasaki.

Three restored Canters welcome guests at the Kawasaki Plant

The three trucks on display are a visible reminder of the craftsmanship and engineering excellence at the core of our FUSO history and a nod to the dedicated volunteers who meticulously restored the vehicles to their former glory. Each of these Canters tells a unique story, showcasing the innovative design and reliability that has made the Canter a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

The display isn’t open to the public, but you can watch T91A’s video and the three Canters on the FUSO Official YouTube channel here


T95AD (1970-1973)
Engine displacement: 1995CC
Max output: 90PS/4800rpm
Max torque: 16kgf-m/3000rpm

Overall length: 4695mm
Overall width: 1695mm
Overall height: 1990mm
Max gross vehicle weight: 4330kg

T210C (1973-1978)
Engine displacement: 2659CC
Max output: 80PS/3700rpm
Max torque: 18kgf-m/2200rpm

Overall length: 4695mm
Overall width: 1695mm
Overall height: 1995mm
Max gross vehicle weight: 3965kg

FE114BD (1978-1985)
Engine displacement: 3298cc
Max output: 100PS/3500rpm
Max torque: 24kgf-m/2200rpm

Overall length: 4650mm
Overall width: 1695mm
Overall height: 1990mm
Max gross vehicle weight: 4625kg

“Restoration is not just about preserving the past; it’s about breathing life into the future.


The revival story of these historic Canters

On hand to help push and pull the trucks into position was Tomio Kawashima, a member of the original team of volunteers who restored the vehicles, utilizing their knowledge, passion, and countless weekends and holidays.

While the trucks represent a piece of FUSO history, Tomio Kawashima believes that “restoration is not just about preserving the past; it’s about breathing new life into the future. By reviving these vintage trucks, we celebrate our heritage while inspiring the next generation—let’s put them to good use and continue the legacy.”

Committed to taking on this challenge is Kei Tashiro, FUSO’s marketing and communication team member and next-generation caretaker of the vintage trucks. Kei shares the same passion for restoration as the original group of volunteers and is motivated by the philosophy of onko chishin—to learn from the past to enhance and refine the future.

“The philosophy and spirit of the company are alive and well in these old trucks, and we can discover a lot about the challenges and ingenuity of our predecessors by working on these vehicles.”

Learn more about Kei’s story on FUSOLife.

Please note that the display is private and not open to the public. However, if you would like more information about the restoration project or the vehicles highlighted in this article, please contact

For more celebratory Canter content, follow our official social media accounts or browse the FUSOLife website for inspiring stories of individuals who have used the power of FUSO to achieve their dreams.