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Daimler Group in Japan Hosts Second Sustainability Dialog in Japan

July 8, 2015
Tokyo, Japan – On July 1, 2015, the “Daimler Sustainability Dialogue in Japan 2015” was held at the Mercedes-Benz Connection in Tokyo under the sponsorship of the five Daimler companies in Japan, providing an opportunity for Daimler management and experts from various fields to exchange opinions. This was the second “Daimler Sustainability Dialogue” to be held in Japan—the first was in July, 2013. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation’s Dr. Albert Kirchmann is Chief Representative of the Daimler Group in Japan and Chairman of the Board.
Open discussions with the stakeholders, along with the issues and outcomes reported from the working groups, provide Daimler with action-oriented insights for improving its sustainability performance into the future as a “good corporate citizen”. The Daimler Sustainability Dialogue has been held since 2008 on an annual basis.
The Daimler Sustainability Dialogue in Japan 2015 focused on the topic of “how globalization of human resources should be promoted”, with Mr. Shinya Yamamoto, President of HR FABULA, giving a keynote speech on “the need for globalization and diversity management and its background”. In addition, experts working in Japan were invited as panelists to discuss the topic.
Each Daimler company in Japan is required to adapt to the growth of diversity in society. This includes better understanding differences related to age, gender and nationality. The country’s declining birth rate and aging population, and the increasing impact of globalization, is, at least in part, responsible for this diversification of Japan.
The panelists concluded that it is essential for business entities to adapt to diversity and proposed that the following important measures be taken:
1. Create and set a common mission and joint goals for the company and share with all employees
2. Create simple rules that everyone can understand so the organization becomes more open
3. Proactively recruit and utilize people who can correctly understand diversity
With the valuable input gained through these intensive discussions, Daimler in Japan has once again reaffirmed its commitment to acting responsibly in all aspects of its business operations, and making a positive contribution to the lives of Japanese customers and society for many years to come.
About Daimler in Japan
Daimler has a broad presence in Japan, employing more than 12,600 people, and operating facilities across the archipelago, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Under the brands of Mercedes-Benz, smart, Mitsubishi Fuso, Mercedes-Benz Finance, and Daimler Financial Service, Daimler brings the latest in automotive innovations and a continued commitment of excellence to our customers, employees and communities.