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Mitsubishi-Fuso opens the first Power charging station for trucks in Japan, paving the way for the launch of the all-electric, Fuso eCanter

May 10, 2017

  • Director General of METI, Toshihide Kasutani, and Mayor of Kawasaki City, Norihiko Fukuda, welcomed the initiative from FUSO during the event
  • The all-electric FUSO eCanter – the first series produced truck – will be launched later this year as a small series, and handed over to first customers
  • By opening this power charging station at its Kawasaki Plant, FUSO sends a strong signal for the need to create a public charging infrastructure to propel electric inner-city delivery throughout Japan.
  • Up to eight trucks can be rapidly charged simultaneously
  • MFTBC President and CEO Marc Llistosella also announced the first Japanese customer for the FUSO eCanter – SevenEleven will buy and recieve 25 eCanter for its fleet later this year

Kawasaki, Japan – Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) today inaugurated the first public power charging station dedicated to trucks in Japan, directly outside its Kawasaki manufacturing plant premises in the presence of media ,and guests from the Japanese Government and local Kawasaki Administration.

The move comes in preparation of the launch of the all-electric FUSO eCanter in September this year that will be the first series-produced and sold electric truck in the market. The President and CEO of MFTBC Marc Llistosella said at the occasion: “We are convinced that electric trucks are the future of inner-city distribution. By developing and testing electric trucks since 2010, and launching our eCanter this year, FUSO becomes the frontrunner in electric trucks.” Pointing out the importance of the establishment of a charging network, he continued, “With the inauguration of our FUSO EV Power Charger, we want to highlight the need a lot of dense network of charging stations in mega-cities like Tokyo, to help propel the use of electric trucks. To achieve this we will closely cooperate with the government and our progressive customers.”

The “FUSO EV Power Charger” consists of eight chargers in two locations, that provide DC 50-500Volt, 125 Ampere via CHAdeMO and CHAdeMO Compo charging plugs. It is capable of rapidly charging up to eight electric trucks (or passenger cars) simultaneously, and will be open for public use. MFTBC has installed 5000 sqm of solar panels on the roof of its Kawasaki plant that produce up to 680 kW. Therefore, the FUSO EV Power Charger can really 100% emission free energy. Customers of FUSO eCanter trucks will have a period of free charging at this station. According to research by CHAdeMO Association, approximately 7,000 rapid charging stations for electric vehicles have now been established in Japan (as of 11 January, 2017). Most such stations are for passenger cars only, and placed in various locations, including commercial facilities, and rest areas on expressways. A charging network accessible to electric trucks is yet to be established,

Turning to the Sales aspect, Mr. Llistosella also announced the first customer for the eCanter: “Today we are proud also to announce the first commercial customer for the eCanter in Japan: Seven-Eleven Co., Ltd. They share our belief in electric trucks, and will be buying twenty-five units of the new eCanter for their fleet this year.”

Kazuo Matsunaga, Chairman of the Board of MFTBC, said at the ceremony: “As Mitsubishi Fuso we have made it our goal, to focus on the development of electric trucks and buses to lead the way in making zero-emission transportation feasible for all Logistic businesses. And with the Paris Agreement of the UN Framework Convention in Climate change in mind, we appeal to the government, municipalities and progressive logistic companies, to form an alliance with us, to establish the regulatory framework and charging infrastructure needed to not only promote electric trucks,but to help make them a reality on roads throughout Japan.”

Participating in the event as honorary guests, Director General of METI, Toshihide Kasutani and Mayor of Kawasaki City Norihiko Fukuda welcomed the initiative of Mitsubishi Fuso.

Mr. Kasutani said: “As METI we support initiatives like this by Mitsubishi-Fuso. Alternative drive concepts, including electric vehicles, are important to lowering emissions and keeping Japan at the forefront of technical innovation’”


Tape cutting ceremony 

Outline of rapid charging stations for electric trucks at the Kawasaki plant

Name:                  EV Power Charger

Address:               10 Okura-cho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki (two sites in MFTBC Kawasaki plant)

Operating time:    24 hours

Charging system:

                 CHAdeMO system (output power: 50 kW, DC 50-500V, 125A); 7 chargers

                 CHAdeMO/COMBO system (output power: 50kW, DC 50-500V, 125A); 1 charger

Charging space:    Eight for light-duty trucks