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Mitsubishi Fuso launches
model year 2019 Rosa light-duty bus

  • Fitted with new advanced safety features, significantly enhancing support for safe driving
  • Complies with 2016 exhaust emission control regulations and meets 2017 heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency standards +10%
  • Sporting a refurbished interior, the new Rosa enhances comfort and allows for safer driving

Kawasaki, Japan – Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers under the umbrella of Daimler Trucks Asia, is pleased to announce that it will launch the 2019 model year Rosa light-duty bus that makes safer and more comfortable driving possible thanks to new advanced safety features and a refurbished interior. The new Rosa also complies with the 2016 emission control regulations and the 2017 heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency standards as well. The 2019 models will be available through MFTBC sales companies and regional sales units across Japan starting from October 2019 .

The new 2019 Rosa comes with advanced safety features that detects errors that could lead to an accident ahead of time, making safer driving possible. This latest model of the light-duty bus now has the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), the Electronic Stability Program (ESP)®, which detects vehicle position and controls vehicle stability in the case of side slip or rollover, and the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). Furthermore, it also comes with the EZGO & Hill Assist hill start aid. Thanks to these features, the Rosa’s ability to support the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and drivers is enhanced further.

Moreover, the new 2019 Rosa sports a revamped interior, enabling the driver to feel more at ease while sitting at the wheel. A wide variety of operational switches, such as the instrument panel shift, are placed efficiently in line with natural movements of the driver’s hands while various indicators are located in the center. The new Rosa also comes with Bluetooth® audio, making hand-free calls possible, and an AM/FM radio. These improvements can alleviate burdens on the driver while the passenger seat features a new type of material, making traveling in the Rosa a more comfortable experience.

On top of these, in terms of the exterior, the Rosa adopts a cutting-edge LED headlamp* to ensure better visibility at night. The use of LEDs also extends the lamp’s life, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. 

MFTBC offers three body types for the Rosa depending on the intended use, namely, short, long and superlong. In addition, the Rosa is also available with special packages for sightseeing specifications that offers an upgraded comfort. With five types of interiors, the Rosa can be equipped with high-class illuminated equipment including LED line lights, which offer a more comfortable and exquisite riding experience for passengers. Besides the enhanced safety features, improvements in both the interior and exterior of the Rosa enable more comfortable and safer driving. The company will offer the Rosa with the aim of reducing the burden on drivers by improving their work environment, and alleviating the pressures of driver shortages in the Japanese transport industry. 

*ESP® is Daimler AG’s registered trademark.
**Bluetooth® is registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
*LED headlamp: Equipped only for Pro Line grade.

2019 Rosa (special vehicle for shooting purposes only)


2019 Rosa Light Bus: Main Features
■Advanced Safety Devices:


AEBS: Advanced Emergency Braking System

A millimeter-wave radar installed in the front bumper detects moving or stationary vehicles, as well as pedestrians crossing. When detecting danger of collision, it emits an alarm and activates the brakes automatically as the situation demands, thereby minimizing the damage when a collision is unavoidable. 


ESP®:Electronic Stability Program

The ESP detects a vehicle’s stability through a sensor. Should it detect any risk of skidding or overturning on corners, it controls the engine’s output or the four wheels’ braking force, thereby helping avoid danger.


LDWS: Lane Departure Warning System

When a vehicle departs from its lane without giving a directional signal on a freeway, for instance, its white lane recognition camera detects the departure, urging the driver to drive safely with warning sounds and notifications on the Ivis (multi-information system).  


EZGO & Hill Start Assist Function

EZGO is a device that maintains braking force until the clutch is engaged and the vehicle starts. The Hill Start Assist Function is a device that maintains braking force for several seconds after the brake pedal is released. Both functions improve the stability of a vehicle on a slope.

※ These advanced safety devices works only under certain circumstances. It may not work correctly under certain circumstances including road conditions and weather conditions. 

■ Interior: 


Cockpit featuring comfortable operability and high-level functionality

Operational switches, including the instrumental panel shift, are laid out efficiently, thereby reducing the driver’s fatigue and contributing to safe driving.  


AM/FM radio fitted with Bluetooth

In addition to the functional design of its operational features, the radio comes with Bluetooth. By pairing it with a smartphone, you can enjoy your favorite music and also handle hand-free telephone calls.

■ Exterior:
LED headlamp *equipped only for Pro Line grade 


Improved material of the seats: 3 types, i.e., Pro, Economy, and Premium, are available in packaged specs


Rosa Sightseeing Specifications Model 


Vehicle Specifications and Selling Price in the Tokyo District
(including 10% consumption tax)

Model Engine Transmission  Main Specifications

Selling Price in the Tokyo District

(in ‘000 yen, including 10% consumption tax)


4P10 (T6)
129Kw (175PS)

AMT (DUONIC2.0) Long body
Professional interior specifications