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Genuine Chemicals

BlueTec® Exhaust Gas After-treatment System

Helps reduce engine NOx levels

* “Urea SCR” (selective catalytic reduction for NOx), an environmental technology aimed at clean and effective use of diesel engines was named BlueTec® by truck division of Daimler.

Mechanism of BlueTec® Exhaust Gas After-treatment System

To detoxify NOx, SCR catalyst resolves NOx into nitrogen and water using AdBlue® (aqueous urea solution). BlueTec® also reduces CO2 emissions

* AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the German Automotive Industry Association. The figure is emphasized for ease of explanation.

Harmless and Safe

AdBlue® (aqueous urea solution) is harmless and can be handled without the need for a special qualification.

Easy Replenishment

Replenish directly from bottle or large container to tank without a special tools. * Use AdBlue® exclusively for replenishment.

AdBlue® Level Indication

The AdBlue® (aqueous urea solution) level is visible on dashboard indicator and can be checked on Ivis indicator panel.

Improvements in Practical Fuel Efficiency

Innovations such as BlueTec® increase practical fuel efficiency, thereby increasing economic efficiency despite added cost for AdBlue® (aqueous urea solution).

FUSO Genuine Oils

Choosing the right oils is critical to keep your vehicles running in top condition. FUSO Genuine Oils have been developed specifically for FUSO trucks and buses, resulting in higher quality, longer service intervals and smoother operation.


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