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Genuine Parts

FUSO Genuine Parts

Engineered by FUSO with passion and precision just like your truck, to give you the best in quality & reliability. This means you can rely on increased longevity, availability, as well as enhancing the resale value of your vehicle. By choosing Fuso Genuine Parts you will benefit from maximum performance and safety at all times. The availability of the required genuine parts determines the downtime of your vehicle. Turn to your Mitsubishi Fuso dealer for quick supply of the genuine parts needed to keep your truck running.

The Benefits of FUSO Genuine Parts

  • Air Filters

    Provide clean and sufficient air to combustion chamber by removing impurities.

  • Fuel Filter

    Cleans unfiltered fuel before entering fuel supply system by trapping impurities.

  • Oil Filter

    Maintains smooth engine operation by trapping impurities from engine oil.

  • Brake Pads

    Thoroughly tested for temperature resistance, performance and consistency.

  • Brake Shoe

    Essential to vehicle’s braking, safety and temperature resistance.

  • Clutch Disk

    Transmits or cuts power to transmission as vehicle starts, accelerates, decelerates or stops.

  • Pressure Plate

    Ensures efficient operation of clutch pedal for smooth gear shifts and driving experience.

  • Taper Roller Bearing

    Enables safe driving with high reliability and stable performance.

  • Leaf Spring

    Provide high comfort, durability and reduce vibrations, even at high speeds.

  • Bushing Torque Rod

    Controls driveline angles while accelerating and braking ensuring low engine vibrations.

  • Fan Belt

    High-power transmission capacity for smooth and quiet driving experience.

  • Oil Seal

    Prevent leaks and harmful contaminants from entering mechanical equipment.


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