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Economic Efficiency

FUSO products are known for the best lifetime cost advantage, their benchmark fuel efficiency and ecology. We take into account not only the initial purchase price, but also cost and profit drivers, such as ease to repair and maintain, residual values, tax and insurance advantages, maintenance cycles and fuel efficiency. The Canter Eco Hybrid, for example, is the world’s most fuel efficient vehicle in its class, proven by independent fuel efficiency tests and product ratings. We share our passion for efficiency with our customers using the FUSO Fuel Cup, a championship that rewards the most efficient driver.

Our plants are just as efficient and ecological as our products. We have already introduced a solar system in the Kawasaki plant and actively utilize it to generate electricity. At the same time, we constantly monitor our energy use using a state-of-the art Energy Management System (EMS). Green innovation is also a core objective in logistics, where FUSO is demonstrating environmental leadership by introducing modal shifts and milk run supply chains to reduce our CO2 emissions.