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FUSO delivers on a dream in a modern-day fairytale

Building and sustaining a business of any size is not for the faint of heart. It’s a true labor of love that requires determination, sacrifice and passion.

In our latest film, “Built With Heart”, we follow an ambitious young girl on a mission to give back. With an idea in hand and the same drive as her father, she sets off on a fantastic adventure. Along the way, she meets a team of like-minded friends who help make her dream come to life.

The sentiment of “built with heart” is present in each step of the way, from the father in the field to our craftsmen on the factory floor and finally to the daughter, who in her own creative and heartfelt way, is determined to show gratitude.

At FUSO, we are proud to play an important role in this process—building the very best trucks, buses and business solutions possible. We share the sentiment of the young protagonist and build our vehicles with heart—because anything less just wouldn’t be enough.

Behind the scenes of the video: