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    Comedy Meets Drama in the World of Long-Haul Trucking


FUSO’s short film “Big Rig Blues” runs the emotional spectrum while exploring a driver’s life on the road.

“You think a truck driver has it easy?” asks a gruff-voiced narrator in the opening scene of FUSO’s short film, “Big Rig Blues”. The camera slowly closes in on the driver as he stands with arms crossed in front of his Super Great. His gaze is fixed at the camera, challenging the audience to answer. Many answer “yes”, wondering how hard it could be to drive a truck for a living. Even more can’t answer at all. The truth is that very few people have a clue of what life in the trucking industry is like.

“Big Rig Blues” follows Kameyama, a Super Great driver, as he faces off against the real ‘enemies’ of the job: drowsiness, loneliness and a constantly ticking clock, to name a few. His fight against fatigue resonates with fellow drivers, as he tries everything from drinking canned coffee to reciting a one-man comedy performance to stay alert.

There is a reason why actor Hisao Fukuyoshi falls into the role of the driver so naturally. Find out why in the video below:

Despite its short run time the film brings to light the wide range of scenarios a long-haul trucker encounters, from tough to touching. Director Yu Yamanaka comments on the film’s attempts to put the driver in the spotlight. “We took our time and put a lot of effort into the truck driver interviews, meeting drivers and listening to their stories,” says Yamanaka. “The collection of all of these first-hand accounts resulted in [the main character] Kameyama, the Super Great driver.”

When asked how FUSO’s brand slogan “Future Together” fits into the story, Yamanaka explains, “It’s not just about making a machine. There is thought put into the lives of truck drivers. There is sympathy with their struggles.” He adds, “FUSO really thinks about the driver.” “Big Rig Blues” captures the promise of a “Future Together” by showing that drivers are the heart and soul of the FUSO brand. It’s a difficult job with challenges around every corner. Through the film, we can see that the drivers are the real heroes. FUSO trucks are there to help carry the load, if even by a little bit.