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    NOMADPro Concept, a Driving Force for Work-Life Balance


Fuse online focus with off-road adventure in FUSO’s mobile office.

Software engineer Mark McFarlane balances his love for creating lines of code with threading his off-road bike through mountain trails and understands that juggling these two passions is key to his mental well-being.

In the third and final episode of Created in the Nomad, Mark leaves his home base of Shibuya and heads to the countryside in the NOMADPro* to benefit from an adrenaline rush on the narrow wooded tracks and a creative boost to his daily work.

For more information about NOMADPro, read “NOMADProRedefining-Redefining Remote Work”.

*The NOMADPro is a concept vehicle built in collaboration with PABCO and DreamDrive.