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Health & Productivity Management

Health & Productivity Management

Our company is committed to actively promoting health management, placing an even greater emphasis on the well-being of our employees. We will continue to implement ongoing health programs and advocate for preventive healthcare, supporting the enhancement of employee health and providing a conducive work environment. Moreover, we will strengthen our focus on mental health support, ensuring that our employees can work in a physically and mentally healthy environment. Through these initiatives, we aim to build a sustainable organizational culture, dedicating our efforts to health management for the future.

Our Commitment to Health and Productivity Management

You can find Mitsubishi Fuso’s ‘Commitment to Health and Productivity Management’ declaration in the downloadable PDF below:

Statement of Commitment (PDF, JP & EN)


Health and Productivity Management is a method that leads to the company’s sustainable growth by investing in the health of our employees.

Organizational Structure

Our company will promote health and productivity management through the following system:


November, 2023

HPM E-learning for employees has launched!

We have already been providing well-being content on LinkedIn Learning provided by Daimler Truck since June 2023. There are currently over 30 contents registered, and we hope our employees will improve their well-being through this learning. Additionally, MFTBC rolled out original e-learning materials on the theme of mental and physical health on the end of November.

October 13, 2023

First training held for Health Ambassadors

Has anyone ever heard of the term “Health Promotion Ambassador”? A Health Promotion Ambassador is a person who attends health-related education regularly held by the Health and Productivity Management Office and is responsible for sharing the content with their respective workplaces. 31 Health Promotion Ambassadors have been assigned from each department, including HQ and Sales Centers, and after the training has been ongoing since October. They are distributing health-related information to their respective departments.

We believe that this activity is an important part of MFTBC’s efforts to foster a culture of health, and we plan to continue this activity.

Example: Feedback excerpt of HA Training participants

September 7-8, 2023

Nutrition and healthy diet event held at FUSO canteen

In September 2023, we held “events related to food and health” at the Kawasaki, Nakatsu, and Kitsuregawa in the canteen of each business site. This time’s theme was high blood pressure and stress. In particular, the Kawasaki Plant held an event on September 7th and 8th, and at the same time held a hybrid event so that participants could participate online from the canteen. Although this was our first time doing this, many participants participated on both days. This initiative is scheduled to continue in 2024, and will be held in February, May, August, and November in 2024, so please look forward to it!