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FUSO launches its new truck of choice for medium to heavy applications in Southern Africa!

Africa – FUSO launched the latest medium to heavy-duty truck, the FUSO FJ 16-230, on 23rd August, 2016. The sophisticated truck offers custom-made solutions to meet the needs of Southern Africa. This truck is yet another successful addition of vehicles built from the world-class DICV plant, based in Chennai.

In South Africa, there are 29 locations that sell trucks like the Canter, Fighter,Super Great and the new DICV products to cater to the needs of customers.

Like all other commercial vehicles of FUSO, the FUSO FJ underwent rigorous testing and was assessed under the most strenuous driving conditions to ensure maximum reliability. The truck features a 6.37 liter, direct injected, turbocharged and water-cooled diesel engine with an output of 170Kw at 2200 rpm. The engine also produces 810 Nm of torque between 1,200 and 1,600 rpm.

Inside the FUSO FJ 16-230 is a three-way adjustable driver’s seat as well as a steering wheel which tilts and telescopes. Both of these features are in the vehicle to help reduce driver fatigue and also to ensure that the driver is in the most comfortable position at all times. In addition to these features, the driver’s cabin includes a green band indicator, displaying the proper gear and speed to maximize fuel efficiency.

FUSO FJ 16-230 is not only comfortable and fuel efficient, but also safe. The anti-roll bars in the front of the vehicle allow the truck to be stable when changing lanes at great speed, when cornering and in general to improve road grip.

The new FUSO FJ 16-230, with a powerful engine and the ability to meet a wide variety of needs, is the truck poised to unlock the full potential of Southern Africa.