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Trophy-winning livestock Fuso Heavy stands out from the herd

Australia – Australian-based livestock hauler is moving sheep and cattle in a trophy-winning Fuso truck. Shane Palmer, who bought the FV Heavy cattle truck from Fuso Geelong last year, recently won the Best Japanese Truck trophy at the Koroit Truck Show, an event that draws trucks from all over western Victoria, Australia.

Mr. Shane Palmer is one of FUSO’s customers in the region who is enthusiastic about our FV. Two years ago when he started his own livestock hauler business, taking over from a veteran hauler, he was left with an old truck and an even older tray and stock crate. Shane wanted to make the switch to a new truck before the all-important lamb season and spotted a truck and crate package offered by Fuso Geelong. The idea of having something ready to work appealed to him which would later prove to be his best resource in carrying 50,000-60,000 sheep and lambs for sale during peak season.

Just six weeks after placing the order, Shane’s truck complete with a two-deck 28-foot crate, was ready to work. The crate builders, NJE in Warragul, were also able to incorporate custom elements, including a large tool box, special crank top-deck floors that drop down to protect the crate sides when carting cattle and dog boxes for Shane’s two valuable kelpie herders. The truck also came with a bullbar to protect it from kangaroos that feed at the side of the Hamilton Highway in great numbers.

It was not only the fast delivery but the maneuverability and power of the vehicle that have impressed him. “It has good horsepower and a great turning circle, which helps getting in and out of some of the pokey little yards.” says Mr. Palmer, with great satisfaction.

The 6×4 truck has a Gross Vehicle Mass of 24t, fitted with 6R10 engine generating 294 kW and 2000Nm and is linked up to a 12-speed automated transmission.